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Uganda Population

Uganda Population is a mixed population with people from various origin. Currently Uganda has a population of 27,269,482. Ethnic groups as well as migrated people together have consisted the Population of Uganda. No dominant group can be found as such.

Uganda Population includes the ethnic groups of baganda 17%, ankole 8%, basoga 8%, iteso 8%, bakiga 7%, langi 6%, rwanda 6%, bagisu 5%, acholi 4%, lugbara 4%, batoro 3%,bunyoro 3%, alur 2%, bagwere 2%, bakonjo 2%, jopodhiola 2%, karamojong 2%, rundi 2%, non-african 1%, other 1%.

The age structure of the Population in Uganda can be divided into three parts such as 0-14 years 50.1%, 15-64 years 47.6%, 65 years and above 2.2%. The median age of Uganda is 14.97 years out of which 14.87 go for male an d15.08 years go for female. The population growth rate of the country is 3.31%. The birth rate of Uganda is 47.39 births/1,000 population and the death rate is 12.8 deaths/1,00 population. The fertility rate is 6.74 children born/woman.

Population of Uganda mainly follow Christianity. 33% are Roman Catholic while 33% are Protestants. 16 % of the population is Muslim and 18% of them follow indigenous belief. English is the official language but people also use Luganda widely across the nation. Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili and Arabic are in use as well. 69.9 % of the Uganda Population are literate. 79.5% male and 60.4% female over 15 years age can read and write. The population mostly suffer from HIV/AIDS.

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