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Uganda Geography

Uganda Geography indicates this African country is located in the Eastern part of the continent. The geographic coordinates are 100 N and 3200 E. The country covers 236,040 sq km area out of which 199,710 sq km is land and 36,330 sq km is water. It has a no coastline as it is a landlocked country.

According to Uganda Geography the neighboring countries are Congo (765 km), Kenya (933 km), Rwanda (169 km), Sudan (435 km) and Tanzania (396 km). The country is mainly consisted of plateau with rim of mountains. The lowest point of the country is Lake Albert (621 m) and the highest point is Margherita peak on Mt Stanley (5,110 m).

Uganda enjoys a tropical climate with two dry seasons from December to February and from June to August. Other than that it mostly encounters rainy days. Geography of Uganda includes natural resources like copper, cobalt, hydro power, limestone, salt and arable land resources. The agricultural products are coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, cassava, potatoes, corn, millet, pulses etc.

This country with 27,269,482 population has got a number of environmental issues. Geography in Uganda is getting hampered by these problems of deforestation, soil erosion, pollution etc.