Facts about Uganda

Official Name Republic of Uganda
Lat Long1.0667° N, 31.8833° E
Area241,038 sq km
Largest CityKampala
Official LanguagesEnglish (Official), Ganda, Arabic
Major ReligionCatholicism (47.1%) Protestant (11%) Umbanda (0.6%) Judaism (0.5%) Other (0.4%) Non-religious (40.4%)
National DayIndependence Day, 9 October (1962 Indepedence from UK)
Form of GovernmentUnitary dominant-party semi-presidential republic
PresidentYoweri Kaguta Museveni
Vice PresidentEdward Kiwanuka Ssekandi
Prime MinisterRuhakana Rugunda
CurrencyUgandan shilling (UGX)
GDP$50.439 billion 2012 estimate
Calling Code256
Time ZoneEAT (UTC+3)
Internet TLD.ug
Uganda Facts include a lot of things that may generate interest about this country. Uganda is a completely land locked country. The geographic coordinates of the country are 10 N and 3200 E. The standard time of Uganda is GMT+3. The location of Uganda makes it fall in the area of tropical climate.

Uganda Facts shows that the neighboring countries are Congo, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is the lowest point of Uganda and the highest point is Margherita peak. The county has a population of 27,269,482 of people.

Most of the people are Christian but some of them are Muslim as well. Many of them also follow the indigenous belief. English is the official language but many other languages of Africa like Swahili are in use. The culture of Uganda is very rich. Each tribe have their own rituals, songs and dances like. Some of the dances are Kitaguriro, Imbalu, Bwila, Otole etc.

Facts of Uganda unfolds the history of Uganda which has undergone British Imperialism and later on Fascism under the rule of Idi Amin. Even in the recent days the civil wars have been the main barrier in the path of the development of Uganda. The two main rebelling groups are Lord's Resistance Army and Allied Democratic Forces.

Facts about Uganda unveil that the forests of Uganda are home to various tropical flowers like white vine flower, white jungle flower, red-orange flowers, green flower, red heliconia etc. Among the animals elephant, hippopotamus, buffalo, cob,topi, monkey, lion, giraffe and rhinoceros can be seen. Birds like bulbul, kite, fish eagle, kingfisher, marabou stork, lily trotter, darter, hoopoe, bee-eater, dove can be found.
Last Updated on: July 11th, 2018