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  • March 28 1939 - Generalissimo Francisco Franco Conquers Madrid

    Twenty-eight months after launching an assault on Madrid, Generalissimo Francisco Franco and his Nationalist soldiers finally broke into the Spanish capital on March 28, 1939. Within days, the bloody and brutal Spanish Civil War would come to a close, opening… Read More →

  • March 27 1958 - Nikita Khrushchev Becomes Premier of the Soviet Union

    Four decades after joining the Communist Party at the age of 24, Nikita Khrushchev ascended to the highest office in the Soviet Union on March 27, 1958. A tough-talking leader determined to bring his country the respect he believed it deserved as a… Read More →

  • March 26 1979 - The Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty is Signed in Washington, DC

    Five-and-half years after the Yom Kippur War, Egypt and Israel agreed to an historic peace treaty in Washington, DC on March 26, 1979. After more than three decades of combat, leaders from the two nations were finally able… Read More →

  • March 25 1996 - The Veterinary Committee of the European Union Bans the Export of British Beef

    Nearly a decade after the first reported case of a strange new disease affecting cattle in the United Kingdom (UK), the Veterinary Committee of the European Union banned British beef on March 25, 1996 amid fears about the spread of Mad Cow Disease.… Read More →

  • March 24 1874 - Illusionist Harry Houdini is Born in Budapest

    In an industry dominated by larger-than-life personalities, one man stands above the rest as the epitome of a daring showman: Harry Houdini. Born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, he would go on to become arguably the world’s most famous magician through a… Read More →

  • March 23 1857 - The First Otis Elevator is Installed in New York City

    The modern city is defined by tall steel buildings stretching hundreds of feet above the streets. Until March 23, 1857, skyscrapers were little more than a dream. The first Otis commercial passenger elevator, installed at 488 Broadway in New York City, created new levels of safety -- and spurred architects and engineers to push future designs ever upward. The… Read More →

  • March 23, 1998 – Titanic wins 11 Academy Awards

    On March 23, 1998, James Cameron’s Titanic won 11 Academy awards, including the Best Picture. It tied with the 1959 classic Ben Hur. Titanic was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and made the distinction of tying with the 1950’s classic ‘All About Eve’ for most Oscar nominations. Titanic, which was starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and was a fictionalized story about the sinking of RMS Titanic, was released in 1997 and received critical and commercial success. Over the next six months since its released Titanic became the first movie ever to garner more than $1 billion internationally.

  • March 22 1943 - Nazi Soldiers Burn Every Citizen of Khatyn, Belarus Alive

    Every 30 seconds, the sound of bells breaks the quiet of a forest 45 miles north of the Belarusian capital, Minsk. In the middle of a wide clearing, a tall granite figure cuts a dark contrast to the bright green growing around it. The statue, part of a large monument to the town of Khatyn, commemorates the massacre of the… Read More →

  • March 22, 1945 – Arab League established

    On March 22, 1945, the Arab League was formed in Cairo, Egypt. The league, which is a regional organization of Arab states, was formed by six countries which included Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Transjordan, which in 1949 was renamed Jordan. Yemen joined the league as the seventh member in May 1945. The aim behind establishing the league was to resolve disputes between the members, coordinate political aims and to help in the economic growth in the region. The league saw its first big action in 1948 at the time of the creation of Israel. The league countries attacked Israel but were beaten back. After a span of two years, the league signed a mutual defense treaty. In 1965, the Arab League established a common market. Today, the Arab League has 22 members. 

  • March 21 1980 - President of the United States Jimmy Carter Announces a Boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow

    Frustrated with a year-long heating up of the Cold War, President of the United States Jimmy Carter made a bold decision to show his disgust with the Soviet Union: American athletes would not attend the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. In announcing the boycott on March 21, 1980, he told the would-be Olympians the “American people are convinced that… Read More →

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