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Already with a foothold in India and seeking to expand in order to compete with Portuguese rivals Estado da India, the British East India Company opened its second trading post on a strip of land purchased from the Nayak… Read More →

Charged by the Royal Society in 1766 with recording the transit of Venus across the sun, Lieutenant James Cook took on one of the longest voyages a European had faced up to that point in history.  After nearly two years on the… Read More →

Though hostilities had officially ceased more than a year before with the surrender of the last Confederate Army, no declaration of reunification had occurred for the United States of America after the Civil War.  President Andrew Johnson, of North Carolina, offered up Proclamation… Read More →

After years of development, the French Government made a startling declaration on August 19, 1839:  the Daguerreotype photographic process would be “free to the world” in perpetuity.  Louis Daguerre, having worked in tandem with Nicephore Niepce, had created a method to capture… Read More →

Few people encapsulate the wonder of the early 19th century in the United States like Meriwether Lewis, half of the famous duo that explored the vast territory of the Louisiana Purchase.  Born on August 18, 1774, he joined William Clark in 1803 to explore… Read More →

After five weeks on the subcontinent, Sir Cyril Radcliffe had completed a monumental task on August 17, 1947:  separating the former British Provinces of India into the newly-independent Union of India and Dominion of Pakistan.  Believing he… Read More →

Having utilized oceangoing vessels to carry mail for centuries, the completion of a transatlantic telegraph cable opened the United States and Britain to the possibility of near-instantaneous communication when Queen Victoria sent a brief congratulatory message to American President James Buchanan on August 16, 1858. … Read More →

After bringing Beatlemania across The Pond in 1964, George, Paul, John and Ringo decided to take things to a whole new level on their second American tour the following summer.  Packing 55,000 people into Shea Stadium in the New York City… Read More →

Two years before German tanks rumbled into Poland, the early stages of World War II began taking shape.  Five weeks after the Japanese launched an offensive into mainland China and captured Beijing, the Nationalist Chinese Air… Read More →

The most famous capital in the New World finally succumbed to Spanish conquistadors on August 13, 1521.  After nearly two centuries as the center of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan fell to Hernan Cortes – and would soon be destroyed in favor of a… Read More →