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  • February 25 1986 - The People Power Revolution Forces President Ferdinand Marcos to Flee the Philippines

    Throughout history, the removal of a crushing dictatorship has relied upon ruthless rebels and extensive bloodshed. Not so in the Philippines, where the People Power Revolution forced President Ferdinand Marcos to run for his life on February 25, 1986 by simply… Read More →

  • February 25 1841 - French painter and sculptor Pierre-Auguste Renoir is born

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the pioneering Impressionist painters, was born on February 25, 1841, in Limoges of the Haute-Vienne region in France. Renoir’s parents were poor but very artistic in their work – his father was a tailor and his mother a seamstress. He was the last of their four surviving children. Soon after his birth, the family… Read More →

  • February 25, 1964 - Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston

    On February 25, 1964, Cassius Clay was crowned the heavyweight champion of the world. Twenty two year old Clay defeated Sonny Liston, who was the reigning heavyweight champion of the world at the time, in what is considered as one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing. Liston, who was a feared boxer, had twice defeated former champion Floyd Patterson and was a favorite to win the match. However, after six rounds were complete and the bell rang for the seventh round, Sonny Liston failed to respond and Cassius Clay was declared the winner in front of a crowd of 8,300 spectators at the Convention Hall arena in Miami Beach. Later Cassius Clay, one of the greatest sports figures of the 20th century, changed his name to Muhammad Ali. 

  • February 24 1917 - The Zimmermann Telegram is Passed to the United States by British Authorities

    Eight days after British intelligence officers decoded a transmission between German diplomats, President of the United States Woodrow Wilson received the text of a transatlantic cable on February 24, 1917. Detailing plans to return the US Southwest to… Read More →

  • February 24 1920 - Hitler launches the twenty-five point program of the Nazi Party in Munich, Germany

    On February 24, 1920, Hitler put forward the twenty-five point program - the key agenda of the Nazi Party in Munich, Germany. In 1919, with the end of World War I, Germany suffered much more than the injured pride. The bitter pill of defeat was reiterated by the harsh terms of the Treaty of… Read More →

  • February 23 532 - Byzantine Emperor Justinian I Orders Construction of Hagia Sophia

    Some 170 years after the first construction of a church on the Bosporus River, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I ordered the construction of a third building on the site. Just six weeks after the Nika Revolt left the… Read More →

  • February 23 1954 - Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine is administered for the first time

    On February 23, 1954, Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine was administered to the children from the Arsenal Elementary School in Pittsburgh, USA, kicking off a trial run of mass inoculations across the nation. By March that year newspapers reported the first major success in polio vaccination reported in history. For many centuries Poliomyelitis or Polio had… Read More →

  • February 22 1909 - The Great White Fleet Returns from a Journey Around the World

    In the early years of the 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt, the President of the United States and former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, sought to raise the military profile of his nation. Near the… Read More →

  • February 22 1371 - Robert II becomes King of Scotland and establishes the Stuart dynasty

    On February, 22, 1371, Robert II became King of Scotland and the first Stuart king. Robert II was born in 1316 to the 6th High Steward of Scotland, Walter Stewart, and to Marjorie Bruce. Marjorie was the daughter of Robert the Bruce (Robert I), the King of Scotland, who had secured Scottish independence from England and his first… Read More →

  • February 22, 1997 – Birth of Dolly the sheep announced

    On February 22, 1997, scientists in Scotland announced the birth of Dolly the sheep, the world’s first successfully cloned mammal. Dolly was actually born on July 5, 1996, but her birth was revealed in February 1997 and raised controversy. However, its supporters heralded Dolly’s birth as one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs. Dolly was created at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh from an adult cell and was named after singer and actress Dolly Parton. Dolly, who was mated to another sheep David, gave birth to four lambs. By January 2002, Dolly began to have complication such as arthritis in her hind legs and on February 14, 2003, at the age of six, was put down as she was suffering from progressive lung disease.

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