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The summer of 1931 was incredibly challenging throughout most of the United States.  In the wake of the stock market crash in 1929, many were out of work with an economy slow to recover.  The country's bleak outlook, however, didn't keep an American company… Read More →

After successfully managing three tournaments at the Summer Olympics, Jules Rimet – the president of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) – finally saw his dream of a professional tournament bringing the best national teams in the world together to decide a champion come to fruition… Read More →

According to historic evidences the site of Baghdad was occupied by several tribes. The historic center of Baghdad finds mention even in the Talmud. Though the Arab had conquered Mesopotamia in 637 CE, there was no settlement in the region. In ancient times several mighty empires had their capitals located around modern Baghdad. The city was, however, only founded in… Read More →

Dovia di Predappio is a small town in northeastern Italy located deep in the heart of Emilia-Romagna.  On July 29, 1883, a boy by the name of Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini came into the world in the community to a blacksmith father and schoolteacher mother.  Over… Read More →

After more than 30 years organizing a variety of attacks against the British government, the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) publicly ordered its members to take a new tactic on July 28, 2005:  become peaceful political activists.  Though some have remained dubious about the true extent to which the PIRA did… Read More →

Few advancements of the 20th century have done more to shrink the world than the jet engine, a piece of technology which successfully lifted the first prototype airliner off the ground on July 27, 1949.  Britain's de Havilland Comet, an airframe six… Read More →

After nearly three decades of colonization, the West African nation of Liberia came into existence by declaring its sovereignty on July 26, 1847.  Designed as a way to give African slaves the opportunity to return to their home continent, it joins Ethiopia as one of only two modern… Read More →

Near the end of the Crusades, Asia Minor was awash in military conflict.  Unable to reach Egypt due to a lack of supplies, Europeans instead ignored the orders of Pope Innocent II and opted to invade Constantinople in 1204.  After nearly six decades in exile, Nicaean general Alexios… Read More →

High in the Andes mountains, the Inca thrived for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Europeans.  On July 24, 1911, Yale history lecturer Hiram Bingham III laid eyes upon Machu Picchu, a forgotten city in the clouds.  Almost… Read More →

One of the largest broadcasting companies in the world got its start with a handful of programs pushed out over the air in Mumbai on July 23, 1927.  The Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) began operating the first of its two stations in the capital of Maharashtra with shows from local radio… Read More →