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Near the end of the Crusades, Asia Minor was awash in military conflict.  Unable to reach Egypt due to a lack of supplies, Europeans instead ignored the orders of Pope Innocent II and opted to invade Constantinople in 1204.  After nearly six decades in exile, Nicaean general Alexios… Read More →

High in the Andes mountains, the Inca thrived for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Europeans.  On July 24, 1911, Yale history lecturer Hiram Bingham III laid eyes upon Machu Picchu, a forgotten city in the clouds.  Almost… Read More →

One of the largest broadcasting companies in the world got its start with a handful of programs pushed out over the air in Mumbai on July 23, 1927.  The Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) began operating the first of its two stations in the capital of Maharashtra with shows from local radio… Read More →

The years between the World Wars could arguably be called the most romanticized in American history.  An era of contrasts – intense optimism and Great Depression, burgeoning industry and organized crime – the booms and busts inspired people of the age to dare in a way many… Read More →

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World defy modern understanding.  Massive structures built by “primitive” technologies, one of the group – the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus – fell victim to arson shortly after its completion on July 21, 356 BCE.  This… Read More →

Having successfully launched a company once already, Henry Ford opened a new factory on July 20, 1903 using $28,000 in cash from a dozen investors.  At the end of the day, the assembly house on Mack Avenue in Detroit, Michigan had produced… Read More →

In the capital of France, Augustin and Celestine De Gas welcomed a young boy on July 19, 1834 – their first child and, eventually, one of the most famous painters in the nation’s considerable artistic history.  Known for his attention to detail and distinct skill with… Read More →

The tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat, known for very little in its location at the center of the Lesser Antilles, exploded into a vast plume of sulfuric smoke on July 18, 1995 – an eruption that has continued with little in the way of… Read More →

Few would have expected Russia to be eager to have a woman with strong Prussian ties at the helm after the assassination of Peter III – himself a victim of his pro-Prussian ideas – but Catherine II became the kind of leader her people… Read More →

Two massive armies and navies gathered to decide the fate of Penghu on July 16, 1683 – a battle with implications in the present day, as the Qing Dynasty arrived in the Taiwan Strait to lay waste to its last challenger in the region,… Read More →