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Political Map of Netherlands

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Description :  Netherlands Political map showing the international boundary, provinces boundaries with their capitals and national capital. Disclaimer

Netherlands Political Map features the important cities, provinces and the provincial capitals of Netherlands. This country is located between Germany and Belgium.
Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands.

Geography of Netherlands Netherlands is situated in Western Europe between Germany and Belgium. It borders the North Sea. It is located on the latitude of 52° 30' North and longitude of 5° 45' East. Netherlands possesses a coastline measuring 451 km. It covers an area of about 41,526 sq km. Germany and Belgium is located at a distance of 577 km and 450 km respectively from Netherlands.

The West Frisian Islands is located in the north western part of Netherlands. It consists of a group of islands namely Vlieland, Terchelling, Ameland, Hes and Schiermonnikoog.

Netherlands Political Map helps locating the provinces, provincial capitals and the important cities of Netherlands along with the border countries and water bodies.

National Capital of Netherlands Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, is located on the geographical coordinates of 52° 23' North and 4° 54' East latitude and longitude respectively. It is shown on the Netherlands Political Map by a red square box.

Netherlands Provinces The different provinces of Netherlands are in bold font on the World Map Netherlands. These provinces along with their capitals are given below:

  • Groningen: Groningen
  • Friesland: Leeuwarden
  • Drenthe: Assen
  • Overijssel: Zwolle
  • Flevoland: Lelystad
  • Gelderland: Arnhem
  • noord holland: amsterdam
  • utrecht: utrecht
  • zuid holland: the hague
  • noord brabant: hertogenbosch
  • zeeland: middleburg
  • limburg: maastricht
The provincial capitals are given on the Netherlands Political Map by using a symbol of white colored box.

Netherlands Cities There are a large number of cities in Netherlands. Some of them are:

  • Delfziil
  • Sneek
  • Emmem
  • Emmelloord
  • Raalte
  • Dronten
  • Ede
  • Hoom
  • Oss
  • Dordrecht
  • Terneuzen
  • Helmond
  • Venlo
These cities of Netherlands are clearly marked on the Printable Map of Netherlands by black dots.

Zuid-Holland3,420,1672,8771,111The Hague
12 provinces15,985,53833,93513,101

Note  : - Population: 2001-01-01 virtual census.

Last Updated On : October 25, 2012

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