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Where is Netherlands?

Netherlands Location Map Netherland Map
Description : Map showing Where is Netherlands located in the Europe. Disclaimer

The Kingdom of Netherlands, commonly called as the Netherlands is located in the western part of Europe. It is bordered by the North Sea in the north and west and its land boundary is shared with Belgium and Germany in the south and to the east respectively. This geographically mostly low lying country is situated between 52° 23' N latitudes and 4° 55' E longitudes. It is the one hundred and thirty fifth largest country of the world with the total area of 41,543 sq. km.  The capital and largest city of Netherlands is Amsterdam but the seat of government is in The Hague. The Kingdom of Netherlands has its provinces in both Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Climatically, Netherlands has temperate and maritime climates. Economically, Netherlands is a developed country of the world. It is the eighteenth largest economy of the world.

  Facts About Netherlands  
Country NameNetherlands
Capital and largest cityAmsterdam
Area41,543 km2 (16,033 sq mi) Water (%) 18.41
Population16,919,139 (2015 Est.)
Lat Long52° 19′ 0″ N, 5° 33′ 0″ E
Official LanguageDutch
Calling Code+31, +599
Time ZoneCET (UTC+1) AST (UTC-4) Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2) AST (UTC-4)
Airport25 Airports, 8- Scheduled service
Neighbour countriesGermany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom
Internet TLD.nl, .bq, .fr
CurrencyUnited States Dollar, Euro

Last Updated : July 3, 2015

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