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Nepal River Map

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Description : Map highlights the major river routes in Nepal Disclaimer

River Length (km) Length (miles) Drainage area (km²) Outflow Countries in the drainage basinNepal Zones in the drainage basin
Kosi River72945369300Ganges RiverNepal, IndiaKosi Zone
Karnali/ Ghaghara River1080671127950Ganges RiverNepal, India, ChinaKarnali Zone
Kali Gandaki River63039146300Ganges RiverNepal, India, ChinaNaryanai Zone
Seti River202126NAGhaghara RiverNepalMahakali Zone
 Bagmati River59737114384Lakhandei RiverNepal, IndiaBagmati Zone
Sharda River35021718140Ghaghara RiverNepal, IndiaMahakali Zone
Kamala Balan River3282047232Bagmati RiverNepal, IndiaJanakpur Zone

Neighbour Countries/Islands
India, China.

Oceans, Seas, River, Bays and Canals
River map of nepal, Seti, Chakliya, Far Western, Karnali, Mid Western, Babai, Western, Sarda, Rapti, Narayani, Trisuli, Central, Gandak, Bhagmati, Indrawati, Tama Koshi, Arun, Sunkoshi, Tamar, Eastern, India, China (Tibet).

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