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Where is Nepal ?
Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state, situated between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India in South Asia.
Nepal Map
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Nepal is a country in South Asia, situated between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India. Nepal has a total population of about 26,500,000. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is also its largest metropolis with a population of about one million. Nepal covers an area of about 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 square miles), and is entirely landlocked.

The northern border of Nepal is situated along the Himalayan Mountains, with some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, looms 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) high near the Chinese border in Nepal. Other major geographic regions in Nepal are the hill country, with the Mahabharat Range, and the Terai plains.

Nepal is divided into fourteen administrative zones, and seventy-five districts. The zones are divided into geographic development regions: Eastern Region (Purwanchal), Central Region (Madhyamanchal), Western Region (Pashchimanchal), Mid-Western Region (Madhya Pashchimanchal), and Far-Western Region (Sudur Pashchimanchal).


Last Updated On : March 25, 2013

The official flag of Nepal is non-quadrilateral in shape and has a border of blue color. It comprises of two single red color pennons , with emblems of sun-and-crescent and a sun.
Lat Long27°42'N85°19'E
Largest CityKathmandu
Official LanguageNepali
Major ReligionHinduism (81.3%) Buddhism (9.0%) Islam (4.4%) Yumaism (3.0%) Christianity (1.4%) Other (0.9%)
PresidentRam Baran Yadav
Prime MinisterSushil Koirala
Currencyepalese rupee (NPR) - 'N'
GDP$41.22billion 2012 estimate
Calling code977
Time ZoneNPT (UTC+5:45)