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World Map of Modern Era

Map Makers of the Modern Era

Giambattista (Giovanni Battista) Albrizzi, Simeon De Witt, John Mitchell, John Rocque, George Bradshaw, Charles F Hoffmann, Jacques Bertin, Roger Brunet, Wil Tirion and Bradford Washburn are some of the renowned map makers of the Modern Era . These cartographers have made significant contributions in the field of map making. They have combined various techniques in order to help the explorers and seafarers to find the sea routes to different places across the world. For example, Matthew Fontaine Maury's Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic helped the explorers to use the ocean currents and winds to their advantage. It helped them to seek a navigable sea route to the North Pole.

Moreover, Captain James Cook was the first to map Newfoundland; whereas, Captain Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia and charted the Gulf of Carpentaria and Great Australian Bight. Furthermore, George Bradshaw introduced a railway timetable and published it at occasional intervals in order to keep it up-to-date. Thus, as it is evident, the cartographers of the Modern Era made substantial contributions that helped the travelers in locating different places of the world.

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