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Iowa Flag

by Aakash Singha

The process of evolution of the Iowa Flag is remarkable for it is quite engaging and its adoption is also marked by several events. The Iowa Flag beautifully make uses of the colors red, white and blue.

Iowa Flag

Download Picture of Blank Iowa Flag For Kids to Color


History of Iowa Flag

Iowa did not have a state flag after becoming as member of the Union in1846. When the US participated in the World War I, in 1917, Iowa still did not possess a flag. The Iowa National Guardsmen noticed that other state units carried special banners that gave them individual identities. They too felt the need of an appropriate flag to represent themselves. The Governor William L. Harding mulled over this proposal and agreed. The Daughters of the American Revolution or D.A.R of Iowa set up a flag committee and arranged for a banner designing competition in 1917. The best designer was Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt who produced the most apt banner. This became the Iowa Regimental Flag, which was later adopted as the state flag on March 29, 1921, by the General Assembly of Iowa.

Description of Iowa Flag

The Iowa Flag is composed on three vertical stripes of blue, white and red, arranged from left to right. The central white stripe bears the image of a bald eagle, with a blue ribbon dangling from its beak. The ribbon reads “Our Liberties We Prize, And Our Rights We Will Maintain”, the state motto of Iowa. The state name is etched in bold red letters, below the motto. The symbolism of Iowa Flag lies in the flag’s very pattern. The colors and the image truly depict the ideals of the state.

There is a good deal of resemblance between the Iowa Flag and the French flag, to symbolize that it was due to the Louisiana Purchase, that Iowa became a member of the USA.

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