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Kansas Flag

by Aakash Singha

The Kansas Flag was adopted officially on 21st May, 1927, by the Kansas State Legislature.

Kansas Flag

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The Kansas Flag is as unique as the other state flags of the US, in terms of its description, symbolism and history. The bright Kansas Flag is complete with the state symbols that lend a great deal of value and dignity to it.

History of Kansas Flag

It was first used by the Kansas National Guard at Fort Riley for the state troops.

Description of Kansas Flag

The Kansas Flag has a navy blue background bearing the state seal, surrounded by 34 stars and and a sunflower on a twisted bar of gold and blue. The state motto “Ad Astra per Aspera” meaning “To the Stars through Difficulties” is right above the stars. The state name “KANSAS” is written in bold golden letters below the seal.

Symbolism of Kansas Flag

The picture of the Kansas Flag is amazing as the meaning of the state’s values is expressed by it. The twisted State Crest stands for the Louisiana Purchase, which resulted in the formation of Kansas. The depiction of the state flower or the sunflower, suggests the ability of Kansas to attend and solve its problems dauntlessly. The importance of the State Seal on the flag’s center does not go unnoticed as it breathes out the tale of Kansas. The group of 344 stars huddled in the above portion of the seal, indicates that Kansas was the 34th state admitted to the Union.

The seal on the Kansas Flag represents a lush farmland, with a farmer plowing his land near a wooden cabin. The steamboat on the Kansas river is a representation of the state’s growing commerce. The sunrise, hills, bison and the Native Americans depicted on the Kansas Flag stand for the rich landscape and natural wealth of the state. The Kansas Flag is an emblematic representation of all the ideals of the rich state.

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