Biography of Ronald Reagan - the 40th President of the US

Ronald Wilson Raegan or unanimously called Ronald Raegan was born on 6 February 1911 in Los Angeles. He was the thirty third Governor of the state of California and fortieth president of the United States.
Ronald Reagan
Raegan was not only a politician but also a great actor of his times. He was the oldest elected President for 69 years and 349 days and also the most long lived after Gerald Ford. In his 40th year he joined the Party democratic after having a reputable film career. Later he joined the Republicans in his 60th Year. Ronald Reagan started his political career as a Democrat, assisting Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal. He steadily became an icon socially and politically. He ventured upon the direction that led him to a political life during his period as president of the Screen Actors Guild.

His service in the General Electric company improved his political image; he moved widely as a spokesman, and was adored for his anti-Communist speeches. His nationally televised speech "A Time for Choosing" excited the conservatives.

Ronald Reagan was famous as a conservative, anti-communist, and favorable to tax cuts and subsidized government set ups. Reagan was also supportive of business projects and tough on crime.

Reagan's first official step after being the president was to terminate oil price controls, a policy created to encourage the domestic production and excavation of oil. He offered his support to anti communist insurgencies in Asia, Africa and Central Asia.

Reagan excelled his act as a president within the first 100 days was the freeing of American hostages settled in Tehran at the end of the Iran hostage crisis. His tenure was marked with peace and prosperity and the national goal of development seemed to be within the reach.

He published a book on Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation.
Reagan expired on June 5, 2004 at his home in Bel-Air and was buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Full Name:Ronald Wilson Reagan
Date of Birth:February 6, 1911, Tampico, Illinois
Died on:June 5, 2004, Los Angeles, California
Burial site:Reagan Presidential Library Grounds, Simi Valley, California
Parents:John Edward and Nelle Wilson Reagan
Spouses:Jane Wyman (1914- ; m. 1940, divorced, 1948); Nancy Davis (1921- ; m. 1952)
Children:Maureen Elizabeth (1941-2001); Christina (1947-1947); Michael Edward (adopted; 1945- ); Patricia Ann (1952- ); Ronald Prescott (1958- )
Religion:Disciples of Christ
Education:Eureka College (B.A., 1932)
Profession(s):Rancher; army captain; radio sports commentator; actor
Government ranks:California governor
Political party:Republican
President Term:January 20, 1981-January 20, 1985 (first term); January 20, 1985-January 20, 1989 (second term)
Age when assumed office:69
Snapshot of Ronald Reagan's life
1911Born in Illinois
1938Appears in first motion picture
1947-52, 1959Serves as president of the Screen Actors Guild
1954Becomes television spokesman for the General Electric Company and makes speeches around the country promoting the American way
1967-75Serves as California governor
1976Falls eighty ballots shy of becoming the Republican nominee for president
1981-89Serves as fortieth U.S. President
1981Wounded in assassination attempt
1985The first of several summits with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev takes place
1986Iran-Contra scandal breaks
1994Announces he has Alzheimer's disease
2004Dies in California
Presidential Term and its details
Dates:January 20, 1981-January 20, 1985 (first term)
January 20, 1985-January 20, 1989 (second term)
Vice President:George Bush (1981-89)
Outcome of the Elections
1980Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Ronald Reagan / George H. W. Bush (Republican)43904153483
Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale (Democratic)3548388349
John Anderson / VP nominee was not chosen (National Unity)57200600
1984Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Ronald Reagan / George Bush (Republican)54455075525
Walter Mondale / Geraldine Ferraro (Democratic)3757718513

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