Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey tourism is a famous tourism among other tourism in several countries of this world. Turkey is such a country that has connection with almost half of the world because of its location and this is a very important factor in the growth of Turkey tourism. This country which is a part of both Europe and Asia has naturally a lot that are attractive in Turkey tourism. In fact Turkey tourism has a wild variety of attractions to offer to the visitors and tourists.

Turkey, for centuries, has been a place where orient meets occident literally. Naturally there is an exquisite mix of cultures that are both colorful and interesting. This cultural blend has left its mark in a number of architectural wonders in Turkey that are an important part of Turkey tourism. Some of these places and attractions in Turkey are, the capital city Ankara with a number of tourist attractions, Ephesus which is a cultural center in Turkey, St. Sophia Museum, The Blue Mosque, Aspendus city in Antalya region and many exotic sea beaches.

Famous Cities to Visit in Turkey

City NamePopulationCity NamePopulation

Popular Tourist Attractions of Turkey

Hagia Sophia Mount Nemrut
Legendary walls of Troy Olüdeniz
library of CelsusGoreme National Park (Volcanic Rock Formation)
The Selimiye MosqueGrand Bazaar( the worlds largest covered market)
Göreme Fairy ChimneysEphesus Museum
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)Sumela Monaster
Aspendos Theatrewall in Geyikbayiri
Patara Beach Sama(Sufi whirling)
Pamukkale("cotton castle” )Suleymaniye Mosque
Bodrum/Bodrum CastleMostar

Top Airports in Turkey

Esenboğa International AirportAnkara
Yenişehir AirportBursa
Sabiha Gökçen International AirportIstanbul
Zafer AirportKütahya
Nevşehir Kapadokya AirportNevşehir
Trabzon AirportTrabzon
Zonguldak AirportÇaycuma
Sinop AirportSinop
Mardin AirportMardin
Iğdır AirportIğdır
Batman AirportBatman
Merzifon AirportAmasya

Campsites Location

CampsiteSümela-s Camping
HipocampKas Camping
Dilek CampingGoreme Panorama Teras
Mistik Camping

National Parks

Karagöl-Sahara National ParkUludağ National Park
Mount Nemrut National ParkYedigöller National Park
Beyşehir Lake National ParkMunzur Valley National Park
Yozgat Pine Grove National ParkAncient Göreme National Park
Karatepe-Arslantaş National Park

Last Updated on: October 12th, 2017