Weather in Turkey

Turkey is a place with splendid beauty. Turkey Weather is temperate. If you visit Turkey then before going you should have a good idea on Turkish Weather which would help you to know about the favorable time for visiting Turkey.

Turkey Weather makes us know that every year the average rainfall in Marmara is 668 mm/26 inches. The temperature in Marmara rises from a low of 16C/3F in the winter to 40C/104F in the warmest day during summer time. The average rate of humidity in Marmara is 73%.

We can know from Weather of Turkey that every year the average rainfall in Aegean is 645 mm/25 inches. The temperature rises from 8C/18F to 43C/109F. The rate of average humidity noticed in this region is 69%.

The features of the Mediterranean climate are very much noticeable in the weather of Turkey. The maximum temperature of Mediterranean is 45C/113F and the minimum temperature is -5C/23F. A rainfall of 777 mm/31inches is found here.

Turkish Weather lets us know that in the Central Anatolia there is a rise in temperature from -25C/-13F to 40C/104F. This region receives rainfall of 382 mm/15 inches every year. 62% is the rate of average humidity found in this region.

We get to know from Turkey's Weather that in Black Sea Coast the temperature rises from -8C/18F to 40C/104F. 72% is the average humidity of this place.

Turkey Weather makes us know that in Eastern Anatolia during deep winter the temperature drops to -43C/-45F. During summer the temperature rises to 38C/100F. The annual average temperature of this region is 9C/48F.

We can know from Turkey Weather that in Southeastern Anatolia the temperature rises to 46C/115F during high summer. The region is dry as the rainfall received by this region is only 576 mm/23 inches.

The weather of Turkey is the significant part of its geography.

Last Updated on: October 12th, 2017