Introduction to Pattaya Pattaya is an important tourist destination about 102 miles south east of the capital city of Bangkok. Pattaya is a major tourist destination located about 150 kilometers…

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Introduction to Pattaya

Pattaya is an important tourist destination about 102 miles south east of the capital city of Bangkok.

Pattaya is a major tourist destination located about 150 kilometers (95 miles) southeast of the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Pattaya is a part of the larger Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan area, with an ever-increasing population of about 100,000. As a seaside town, Pattaya has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures that make it a preferred vacation destination especially in the winter months. Pattaya is a fun city – the beaches and party atmosphere add to its charm.

Facts about Pattaya

City Pattaya
Country Thailand
Area 22 square kilometers / 8.6 square miles
Population 104,318 (2007)
Average Summer Temperature 30°C / 86°F
Average Winter Temperature 25.5°C / 78°F
Currency  Thai Baht (THB)
Dialing Code Country 66  City 38
Major Airports U-Tapao International Airport (UTP)
Geographic Coordinates 12°93′ N 100°88′ E
Time Zone Thailand Standard Time
Official Website

Historic Overview

Pattaya derives its name from Pharya Thak. In 1767, Phraya Thak, who later became King Taskin, marched his army from Ayuttha to Chantaburi, just before the Thai provincial capital fell to the marauding army of Burmese invaders. King Taskin put up a tough fight to the huge army of a local leader called Nai Klom. Nai Klom was so overwhelmed by the sheer discipline and organization of King Taskin’s army that when they confronted each other, Nai Klom decided to surrender without any bloodbath. Pattaya is where the official surrender took place. It was called initially named Thap Phraya in honor of the army of Phraya. Later it was simplified and renamed Pattaya.

In 1948, Mr. Parinya Chawalitthamrong, started to develop the beaches and the city area and donated the land for building the City Hall. Until 1961, Pattaya was a small fishing port, but this changed when the American soldiers headed to and from Vietnam stopped in Pattaya for relaxation. In time, Pattaya became an important seaside resort town, attracting tourists from all over the world. The beach slowly became home to swanky hotels and beach resorts. From its start as a sleepy fishing hamlet, Pattaya developed into one of the most visited beach towns in Asia. Huge shopping malls and fancy hotels sprang up in Pattaya and within the next 20 years Pattaya became one of the most visited seaside cities in the world.

Pattaya Travel Tips

Like the rest of Thailand, Pattaya experiences three distinct seasons – summer, monsoon, and winter. Located very near the Equator, Pattaya is warm and tropical and never very cold. The summer lasts from mid-February to the end April. Pattaya is dry and hot during the summer, but tropical thunderstorms and torrid rains descend in May to cool the city. This may be the time to avoid Pattaya as the tropics get really humid. February and August may be best for offseason discounts. The Thai New Year, Songkran, is celebrated with gusto in April and the city is decorated in bright colors.

Pattaya is a rather small city, connected internationally by the U-Tapao International Airport. Within the city the bus services are excellent, but taxis are very inexpensive.

Haggling is part of the shopping culture, especially in open-air markets. Be sure to try some of the tasty tropical fruits when you are in Pattaya.

Tourist Attractions In Pattaya

While the laid-back beaches and the glitzy nightlife are certainly the prime attractions of Pattaya, there is more to this city than just jazzy night clubs and scenic beaches. From ornate temples to panoramic views and museums to gardens, there are many places to visit if you do not want to spend all your time lazing by the sea.

The Sanctuary of Truth is likely to top your itinerary. This 105 meter-high (344 feet) elegantly designed gigantic teak wood monument is an amazing tribute to exquisite Thai craftsmanship. The inspired carvings and wooden sculptures are sure to leave you spell-bound.

Do not forget to shop at the one-of-its-kind Pattaya Floating Market. This floating market is spread across an area of over 100,000 square meters and divided into four parts, each showcasing shops from the four regions of Thailand. The market has over a 114 fresh food, eateries, and seafood shops. Tourists can hire a boat with a boatman to row around this unique floating market.

The Underwater World in Pattaya is one of the largest and most modern aquariums in Asia. It showcases coral reefs, sharks, stingrays, turtles, sea otters, and many other marine creatures. The aquarium houses over 200 different species of marine life. Experience the pleasure of swimming with dolphins and baby sharks. The live feeding shows and the dolphin performances are not to be missed.

A visit to the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Jomtien is highly recommended. This is a beautiful landscaped garden set in an area of 2.4 square kilometers. There are individual theme parks and replicas of monuments from all over the world. A leisurely stroll through the park is like a journey around the world. Whether it is a 17th century French garden or Stonehenge in England, the theme park showcases the world within the limits of this botanical garden.

Opened to the public in 1997, the Pattaya Sriracha Tiger Zoo is an interesting place where you can find the Royal Bengal tiger, wild dogs, ostriches, elephants, and crocodiles living together in the same premises. This is possible due to the unique feeding program devised by the Pattaya Zoo. The feeding shows and the dolphin performances are worth a watch. The zoo is also home to various species of birds.

The Tiffany’s Cabaret Show is a 30 years old specialty extravaganza held in Pattaya. There are three shows every night, in which surgically and hormonally enhanced transgender (called ‘lady boys’) perform breathtaking dance and music shows. The performances are highly appreciated and the lady boys enthrall the audience with their painted nails and feminine grace.

A Fun Pattaya

Shopping in Pattaya is not a frenzied activity unlike Bangkok and other Thai cities, perhaps because there are so many things to do in Pattaya or perhaps because shoppers get their fill of shopping in Bangkok. There are a number of shopping options in in the city that make for a great laid-back experience. Avenue Pattaya is one of the most frequently visited shopping zones of Pattaya. This shopping area is designed to resemble J Street in Bangkok and has hip fashions at a bargain. The Royal Garden Plaza and Central Festival Beach Pattaya are famous malls that serious shoppers can’t miss. The street shopping experience is unique in Pattaya. Bargaining is part of the culture in Thailand, and you too must bargain to get the best deals. A visit to the floating market is also a great experience.

Nightlife is a rave in Pattaya. As a tourist-oriented beach town, Pattaya has plenty to offer party-goers. From bars, pubs, nightclubs, and strip shows to beach parties, Pattaya has it all. The beach parties on Jomtien Beach, Nakula Beach and Pattaya Beach are a must for night revelers. The Tiffany’s show is another great option for an evening show.

Eating Out in Pattaya

Restaurant Casa Pascal
Address: 485/4 M.10 Pattaya Sai Song, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
Phone:+66 38 723 660

Bruno’s Restaurant and Wine Bar
Address: 306/63 Chateau Dale Plaza, Thappraya Road, 20150, Pattaya, 20150, Thailand
Phone:+66 81 861 5612

Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant
Address: 18, Naklua Beach Rd., Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Pattaya, ชลบุรี 20150, Thailand
Phone:+66 38 426 375‎

The Glass House
5/22 Moo 2 Soi Na Chomtien 10,Suklhumvit Road,Na Chomtien, Pattaya 20250, Thailand
Phone:+66 38 255 922‎

Hotels In Pattaya
Luxury Hotels –

Dusit Thani Pattaya
Grand Sole Beach Hotel Pattaya, 370 Pattaya 2nd Rd, Pattaya, 20260, Thailand
Phone: 66-38-425-611‎

Hilton Hotel Pattaya
333/101 Moo 9, Nong Prue, Banglamung, Pattaya, Thailand 20260, Thailand
Phone: 66-38-253-000

Economy Hotels –
Pattaya Hotel Hard Rock
429 Moo.9 Pattaya Beach Rd., Nongprue, Chon Buri Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
Phone: 66-38-428-755

Eastiny Residence Hotel
327 / 2 Moo 10, Pattaya Beach Rd, Soi 10, Pattaya, 20510, Thailand
Phone: 66-38-413-118

Budget Hotels –
INN House Hotel
Grand Sole Pattaya Beach Hotel, 370 Pattaya 2nd Rd, Pattaya, 20260, Thailand
Phone: 66-38-415-709

Areca Lodge
198/21, 198/23 Moo 9, Soi Diana Inn, Pattaya Sai Song Rd.,
Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260
Phone: 66-38-41-01-23

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