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Thailand Demographics

Thailand is a country in South East Asia. The Thailand demographics reveal cultural homogeneity. More than 80 % of the total Thai population speaks the native Thai language.

The total Thailand demographics include the central Thai population, northeastern Thai or Lao population, northern Thai population and the southern Thai population. The dominant ethnic Thai group among the four is the northern Thai people. The northern Thai comprise 34.2 % of the total population. They are closely followed by the central Thai people comprising 33.7 % of the population. The demography of Thailand displays an eclectic mixture of persons having their origins from other parts of Asia. About 14 % of the population is of Chinese heritage. Malay speaking Muslims also have a significant presence. People of Malay ethnicity are 2.3 % of the total population of Thailand.

The demographic statistic of Thailand reveals that the majority of the Thai population is concentrated in the rural areas of central, north-eastern and northern Thailand. The urban population is approximately 31.1 % of the total population. The population growth rate is 0.68 % of the total Thai people according to the 2006 census. Thailand has a high literacy rate. About 92.6 % of the population is functionally literate as per the 2006 census.

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