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Thailand Education

Thailand education has been revised a lot to empower it to take the country ahead with knowledge and its ultimate application. Education in Thailand has lots of importance to the government.
Mainly Thai Ministry of Education provides Thailand education. There are 'Prathomsuksa' or 6 years of primary education and Mattayomsuksa or 6 years of secondary school education. The Thai education system has been changed into 'Children Centre' by the Ministry after 2001. It got divided into four levels.

Thailand education has span of three years for each of the four phases equally divided into primary and secondary education. Every student needs to pass NET to be promoted to next level. Children need to complete six years of elementary school and they must complete at least the first three years of high school.

There are many private and public schools in Thailand, which provide education for the youth of the country. Some local schools have some flexibility in term of years. Plagiarism among students and colleagues has been a great issue to restrict in Thai education. Even teachers have been criticized for the incidents. This faulty situation does harm to open learning and creativity.

In earlier times, there was religious and royal kind of education for Thai people. Buddhist monks used to provide basic education in monasteries. On the other hand, children of the royal families or other noble families were given education to serve in the court and ruling the provinces. Thailand Education has academic and vocational system of education, too.

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