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St. Gallen Map

St. Gallen, Switzerland , an eastern bound canton of Switzerland was founded by the Irish monks called the Gallus . It is famous destination among many Europeans.
A reputed home for many educational institutions and academies, St. Gallen , Switzerland is known as the center of learning with the famous cathedral and abbey library. Two of the most well known city assets are the buildings of Sankt Gallen Graduate School of Economics and Business and Public Administration. St. Gallen, Switzerland is declared to be one of the most prestigious World Cultural Heritage in 1983.

An important producer of linen, St. Gallen is also famous for its embroidery internationally. St. Gallen, Switzerland is a well decorated town with the most picturesque vistas. Made of 16 th and 18 th century old architectural buildings, the walls of St. Gallen are painted and adorned with wrought-iron symbols and carved with wooden oriel windows.

Some of the main attractions of the places of St. Gallen, Switzerland are:
  • St. Gallen Cathedral
  • Karlstor or the Karl's Gate
  • Abbey Library, Lapidarium and Court Wing
Marktplatz, the main market square of the northern side of the Old Town. The eastern side of the marketplace however is occupied with the Waaghaus, a white facade structure.
  • Mt. Säntis of 8209 ft.
  • City of Zurich
  • Chäserrugg or Toggenburg

Among Entertainment events and activities held at St. Gallen, Switzerland are:
  • Theatre St. Gallen
  • Casinos
  • OLMA
  • At the Swiss Trade Fair for Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Open Air St. Gallen
  • Easter hunt
  • On Easter Sunday morning
  • Concours de Saut International Officiel
  • Textile Museum
  • Natural History Museum and Art Museum
  • Music Box Cabinets Labhart
  • Beer Bottle Museum

The region also organized many sports events through the year. In summer, there is Drei-Linden-Weiher or Weiere bath in a natural pond of St. Gallen . In winter, ice-skating rink, a curling hall, public heated indoor pools are common. Shopping at elegant fashion storesm and department stores like that of Säntispark equips with boutiques and quality products of shoes, furs, jewelry, accessories, porcelain, and watches, etc.

Close proximity from the Alps also attracts many tourists to St. Gallen, Switzerland .

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