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Sri Lanka Hotels

Map of Hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Hotels are the perfect places for the recluse who wants to enjoy and relax while staying amid the scenic country.
The Sri Lanka Hotels that are the most sought after ones, are the peaceful beach resorts.
Sri Lanka Hotels Information:
The amazing part of Sri Lanka Tourisn is the stay in the Sri Lanka Hotels and people with varied budgets and needs can choose from all the various categories. Depending on one's mood, one can go for up country Sri Lanka Hotels or the beach hotels of the southern province or other hotels in the major cities.

Sri Lanka Hotels in Colombo:
In Colombo itself there are Colombo Plaza, Hilton Jaic Tower, Hilton Colombo, Holiday Inn Colombo and Taj Samudra. The locations of these Sri Lanka Hotels, in the heart of the country gives a great opportunity to move about different destinations. The pleasures of such hotels are unbound. Every sense is delighted with the sumptuous food spread, the breathtaking views and the undisturbed comfort. The indulgent ayurvedic holistic massages of the Sri Lanka Hotels are a must for those who want to return home reinvigorated and and recharged with vitality.

  List of Hotels in Sri Lanka  
1Ceylon Inter-Continental 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2Mount Lavinia Hotel 100 Mount Lavinia Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka
3Hotel Taj Exotica Sri Lanka Bentota, Sri Lanka
4Taj Samudra Nº25 Galle Face Centre Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
5Trans Asia 2 Galle RoadColombo 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka
6 Bentota Beach Hotel Galle Rd Bentota Sri Lanka
7Ramada Colombo Hotel 30 Sir Mohamed Macan Makar Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
8Hotel Lanka Supercorals Hikkaduwa 80250, Sri Lanka
9Tangerine Beach Hotel Kalutara Abrew Drive Waskaduwa, Kalutara, Sri Lanka
10Hilton Colombo Residence 2, Lotus Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka
11Galle Face Hotel Galle Face Roundabout, Colombo, Sri Lanka
12Hotel Thilanka 3 Sangamitta Mawatha, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka
13Queen's Hotel D S Senanayake Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka
14Club Hotel Dolphin Puttalam, Sri Lanka
15Galway Forest Lodge Nuwara Eliya 89 Upper Lake RoadHavelock Drive, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
16Mermaid Hotel & Club Wadduwa 12580, Sri Lanka
17Eden Resort & SpaBeruwala, Sri Lanka
18Browns Beach Hotel Lewis Place, Negombo, Sri Lanka
19Taj Airport Garden Hotel Veyangoda Road, Katunayake, Sri Lanka
20Swiss Residence 23, Bahirawakanda Bahirawakanda Lane, 20000, Sri Lanka

  Restaurants in Sri Lanka  
1Acropol Greek and Lebanese Restaurant 247D R.A. de Mel Mawatha (opp. Liberty Plaza), Colombo 03
2Burger Blast 29A, Maitland Place, Colombo 07
3 EatMore 550 R.A. de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
4 Mcdonald's 249 Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Rajagiriya
5 Paradise Road Café 213, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07
6The Burger Cart 180, High Level Road, Nugegoda
7 The Chill Family Restaurant 33, Lauries Place, Colombo 04
8Tropical Tonic, Smoothies and Waffles 49A, Staples Street, Colombo 02
9 Il Gelato Pelawatte 789, Pannipitiya Road, Pelawatte
10Igloo, Halal Ice Cream Court 478/2 Galle Road, Colombo 03
11Elite Restaurants 124, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 04

Sri Lanka Hotels in Colombo:
In Colombo itself there are Colombo Plaza, Hilton Jaic Tower, Hilton Colombo, Holiday Inn Colombo and Taj Samudra.
The locations of these Sri Lanka Hotels, in the heart of the country gives a great opportunity to move about different destinations. The pleasures of such hotels are unbound. Every sense is delighted with the sumptuous food spread, the breathtaking views and the undisturbed comfort. The indulgent ayurvedic holistic massages of the Sri Lanka Hotels are a must for those who want to return home reinvigorated and and recharged with vitality.

There is a galore of Sri Lanka Hotels, each specializing in its own amenities and having the warmest hospitality, the trademark of the Sri Lankans.

Some of the places where the tourists can have a comfortable stay are as follows:

Galle Hotel

Galle Hotels, Sri Lanka include many popular tourist lodgings which are aimed at making holidays and journeys to Galle an experience to remember. Galle had been under Dutch, Portuguese and English control at different points of time. The Dutch influence on the Galle culture is prominent to this days. Of Course if you want to go back to those old times of colonial rivalry and European invasion of the east, it is not totally impossible at least to create that ambiance. Some of the old buildings, now being converted to Luxury hotels of Galle. Galle being located at the south-western tip of Sri Lanka has plenty of beaches for tourist activities


Hilton Colombo is one of Sri Lanka's most famous hotels, which is built on a seven acre land. Hilton Colombo hotel is an exquisite hotel of Sri Lanka offering a good view of the Indian Ocean and Lake Beira. It is situated in the prime location of the city from where shopping malls, business centers like the Colombo's World Trade center is quite nearby. The international airport of Colombo known as Katunayaka is 32 km away from the hotel Hilton Colombo. The railway station and the bus stop are easily accessible from the hotel Hilton Colombo.

Eden Hotel

Eden Hotel in Sri Lanka is a five star accommodation located on the South Western coast of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Eden Hotel is located on the outskirts of Beruwela town.

The Beruwela Eden Hotel set amidst tropical green vegetation overlooks the Indian Ocean. This Eden Hotel In Sri Lanka located halfway between Colombo and Galle is 96km from the nearest international airport. This Sri Lanka Eden Hotel is not only a getaway from the regular hectic work schedule, but also an attractive venue for business meetings, and social gatherings.

Kandalama Hotel

Kandalama Hotel situated in Dambulla, is a breath taking hotel, which has been created by the famous architect Geoffrey Bawa. Kandalama hotel of Sri Lanka has been built in a typical Sri Lankan style having the correct blend of beauty and luxury. The hotel is surrounded by natural greenery and dense forests. Kandalama Hotelhas a lively atmosphere, which attracts travelers from various countries to spend their holiday in the hotel Kandalama.

Ceylon Continental

Ceylon continental hotel Colombo is located in Colombo, the capital of Sri lanka. This hotel is really beautiful and well-kept, which is situated in the heart of the capital from where shops or marketplace, offices , banks are quite nearby. This hotel has around 250 luxurious rooms and it is situated nearby the external airport. Ceylon continental hotel Colombo takes special care in looking after their guests who are mostly tourists coming to visit Sri Lanka. This Sri Lankan hotel is even nearby places of tourist attractions like the national museum and the flower gardens, the Buddhist temples, monasteries and other places of sight-seeing.

Blue Water

Blue Water Hotel, Sri Lanka occupies a part of the Wadduwa Beach and is surrounded by a Palm garden that makes for a perfect picturesque setting for an ideal beach holiday. Some of these beach resorts as the Blue Water Hotel were especially built in order to give tourists the best of holidaying experience. The competition among hotels has just got better. The facilities and services seem to improve with time. There is no fun that you need to leave out, if you are planning to stay within the boundaries of the hotel walls.

Amaya Reef Hikkaduwa

Amaya Reef Hakkaduwa, one of the most beautiful Sri Lanka hotels, provides the exoteric experience of the Golden sandy beaches. One can just go on spending unlimited hours on the beach, visualizing the panoramic sun rise and the sun set. Hotel Amaya Reef Hikkaduwa also fulfils the demand for activity. Diving shipwrecks, snorkeling in the reef and beach sports are among the best activities among the tourists here. Poolside cocktails, beach walks and Rainforest excursions are other such good past times in Hotel Amaya Reef. The rooms are spacious and are decorated extravagantly. They inadvertently reflect the classic taste and the luxury of the place. The restaurants provide the ultimate luxury cuisines from all over the world. But, their expertise lie in sea food preparations.

Hotel Oberoi

Hotel Oberoi Sri Lanka is situated in the hub of the city of Colombia on Galle Road. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which is quite large in size. Hotel Oberoi is a popular tourist hotel where luxurious accommodation is provided to the tourists coming from abroad. Hotel Oberoi in Sri Lanka is known for its hospitality services and it is conveniently located within Colombo for, which travelers get easy accessibility to all the thralling shopping malls and places of sight-seeing and scenery.

Cinnamon Grand

Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Sri Lanka a boutique restaurant with a difference provides the best of service to clients. Its has gained special reputation for serving business parties, conference and formal banquets in the best of style. Located on the Galle Road, Colombo, this luxurious hotel is owned by the John Keels Group. The Cinnamon Grand Hotels occupy a total space of 10 acres and houses 501 rooms for client accommodation. The rooms are of different types depending on the purpose they are meant to serve.

Kandy Hotel

Kandy Hotel Sri Lanka provides with important details about the popular hotels situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka. There are a number of important and popular hotels n Sri Lanka, some of which are located in Kandy.

Popular Kandy Hotel Sri Lanka
Below is a list of some of the most popular Hotels in Sri Lanka:-
  • Hotel Topaz Kandy - This is one of the important hotels in Sri Lanka, which is situated in the Kandyan Hills. The hotel has 75 rooms, which are all well maintained and decorated and all the rooms are accessorized with air-condition, television and other necessary gadgets to ensure comfortable stay for the customers.
  • Kandy View Hotel - This is yet another important of all the Kandy Hotel Sri Lankawhich is situated at a convenient distance from the Kandy City. The hotel is based amidst the beauty of nature.
  • Chaaya Citadel Hotel - This Kandy Hotel is situated near the Mahaweli River. It consists of 97 well accessorized and decorated rooms. Some of the important attractions of Sri Lanka such as Royal Botanical Garden and Victoria Golf Course are situated near the hotel that also accounts for the popularity of the hotel.

Boutique Hotel

Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel is the right hotel for any traveler who wishes to enjoy the Sri Lanka experience in its fullest glory. The type of Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel may vary from one city to another but the essence remains the same.

Features of Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel:
The characteristic feature of Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel, is that it offers the ultimate luxury solution with rooms ranging from 3 to 15. The coast as well as the important cities of Sri Lanka can provide the best Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel. Sri Lanka hotels of this kind can boast of quality and high service standards, impressive facades and interiors and the yummiest of food. A Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel can offer facilities for bird watching, swimming, accessing the beach, fabulous dining, ayurvedic treatments and traveling guides.

Mahaweli Reach Hotel

Mahaweli Reach Hotel is a deluxe hotel that is situated in an old Sri Lankan highland. The Mahaweli Reach hotel is beautifully located near the riverside ofMahaweli. The Mahaweli river in Kandy is encircled by the Kandyan mountains that enhances the beauty of the place and the demand of the Mahaweli Reach hotel. The hotel is not very far from the Colombo city. By driving, it will take only three hours to reach to this beautiful destination.

The Mahaweli Reach hotel is one of the five star rated hotels of Sri Lanka. The accommodations in Mahaweli Reach hotel are the best among all the deluxe hotels of Kandy. The hotel accommodates 112 very well decorated rooms along with wonderful views of the Mahaweli river and the mountains. The hotel also owns a tropical garden that can make the visitors feel as if they are really roaming into the tropical regions.

Kalutara Hotel

Kalutara Hotel Sri Lanka refers to the popular hotels of Sri Lanka, which are situated at Kalutara and also forms an integral part of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Popular Kalutara Hotel Sri Lanka
1. Royal Palm Beach Hotel - This is one of the important hotels of Kalutara, which is located on the Abrew Road in Kalutara. The hotel also lies a convenient distance from the airport of Colombo. There are 124 large and spacious rooms in the hotel, which are well maintained and accessorized. The hotel is also popular the delicious seafood that it offers.

2. Mermaid Hotel and Club Kalutara - This hotel cum club located in the north of Kalutara and is surrounded by coconut palms, which enhance its beauty. The hotel consists of 74 beautifully furnished rooms that are well equipped with all kinds of comforting and entertaining features. One important thing should be mentioned about this hotel. Mermaid Hotel is located nearer many chief attraction sites of Sri Lanka such as Turtle Hatchery and Hikkaduwa Coral Reef that also accounts for the popularity of this hotel.

3. Tangerine Beach Hotel Kalutara - This hotel of Kalutara offer its customers with the best staying conditions. The hotel is located within convenient distance from the centre of the Colombo. Tangerine Beach Hotel Kalutara consists of 166 luxuriously done rooms, which are equipped with the best amenities for the comfort of the lodgers.

Ayurvedic Health Resort

Ayurevda is an inherited boon from the distant past to the present century. With theAyurvedic Health Resorts in Sri Lanka, the therapy has won laurels all over the world. The Ayurvedic Health Resorts harp on treatments that provide mental peace and the fitness of the body. Ayurveda is considered to be a magical remedy for stress and chronic diseases. It is considered to have retained the lost equilibrium of mind.

Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort is considered to be one of the most well known Ayurvedic Health Resorts in Sri Lanka. This is one of the many Sri Lanka hotels, which is known for its ayurvedic medication, traditional medicine, trained therapists, ayurvedic center and ayurvedic food. People from all over the world come to the this Ayurvedic Health Resort seeking to rid themselves from various chronic diseases. It is not only the medication that works, but also the clean, simple and the comely background the health resort is set in.

Hikkaduwa Hotel

Hikkaduwa is undoubtedly one of the most famous places to visit in Sri Lanka and soHikkaduwa Hotel Sri Lanka is of great significance from the point of view of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Popular Hikkaduwa Hotel Sri Lanka

Below is a list of some of the most popular hotels of Hikkaduwa:-
1. Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel - This is one of the main Hikkaduwa Hotel Sri Lanka, which is situated in Galle Road and lies near the beach. There are fifty two rooms in this hotel, which are carefully designed so as to maximize customer satisfaction.

2. Hotel Blue Note - This is one of the important hotels of Hikkaduwa which is situated in between the Coral garden and Surfing beach and therefore offers wide range of exiting and amazing sea activities such as swimming and surfing.

3. Coral Garden Hotel - Coral Garden is yet another popular hotel of Sri Lanka. It is situated near the coral reefs of Hikkaduwa, which justifies its name. The hotel offers the best services to its customers, who can indulge in the exciting activities such as scuba diving and scuba safari in the nearby beaches.

Taj Hotel

Sri Lanka Taj hotel provides the tourists and visitors with all amenities and a comfort stay. The Taj group of hotels in Sri Lanka is very good instance of best hospitality and services in the hotel sector. The Taj group of hotels boasts of two five star rated hotels in Sri Lanka. One is located in Colombo and another is in Bentota. Both of the hotels are serving to the tourists and visitors of the island from many years and now they are counted among the best of all the deluxe hotels.

Negombo Hotel

Negombo Hotel Sri Lanka refers to a specific category of Sri Lankan Hotels that are located in Negombo, which is an integral part of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Popular Negombo Hotel Sri Lanka
There are a number of important hotels in Negombo some of which are:-
Ayurveda Pavilion - This is a special kind of hotel of Negombo, which offers ayurvedic treatment to the in house lodgers. Situated amidst the peaceful beauty of nature, Ayurveda Pavilion is very famous for its world class service that it extends to its customers. The rooms are spacious and homely. Blue Oceanic Beach Hotel Negombo - This is one of the best hotels of Negombo, which is situated amidst dense greenery. There are 108 comfortable and airy rooms in the hotel and the ambience around the hotel is extremely soothing and peaceful. This hotel is not only popular for its great hospitality but also for the heavenly food that it offers.

Taj Triton Hotel

Sri Lanka Triton Hotel is situated in Ahungala, Sri Lanka. The hotel is 75 km far from the city of Colombo, which can be covered by 3-4 hours of driving. The Triton Group of Hotels in Sri Lanka boasts of four hotels. All the hotels are situated in Ahungala and each hotel has been rated five star.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Sri Lanka, a four star hotel is situated in the city of Colombo. Holiday Inn provides high class service to the guests who put up in their hotels for business purposes or to spend a holiday in Sri Lanka. The hotel Holiday Inn provides great hospitality services to their guests and caters to their every need. Their ambiance is very friendly hence making their guests feel completely at home. Not only that, from the hotel the view of the Indian Ocean can be fully cherished.

Mermaid Hotel

Mermaid Hotels Sri Lanka, is located in Kalkutra, Sri Lanka. Hotel Mermaid is a beach hotel that gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy he fun of Asian tropical beach in the beat possible way. Hotel Mermaid is one such name you can bank on to relax while indulging in pleasure. This beach side tourist resort is a hot favorite among many because of the satisfaction of service and the seaside view it provides.

Colombo Plaza

Colombo Plaza is one of the greatest five star hotels in the island of Sri Lanka. As the name suggests, it is situated in the capital of Sri Lanka and is a lavish five star hotel, which is extremely well kept and spacious. The hotel has around 253 rooms, which are extremely luxurious and beautiful. Not only that, the hotel can boast of its formal lobby which is very large in size. Colombo Plaza is the perfect kind of hotel for holiday goers and posh tourists who wish to visit the country as well as cherish the comforts of this hotel.

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