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Sri Lanka Flag

by Aakash Singha

Known as the Lion Flag, the flag of Sri Lanka is a rich colorful flag of gold, green, saffron, and deep red, and depicts a golden lion holding a sword.

Sri Lanka Flag

Blank Sri Lanka Flag

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Sri Lankan Flag Description The flag of Sri Lanka features a golden lion with a maroon background, with a gold leaf in each corner. On the hoist side of the flag, there is a vertical stripe of green and orange on a golden background. A border of gold frames each section of the flag, uniting each section. The elements of this complex flag represent the history and the unify of many communities within Sri Lanka.

The lion symbolizes the native Sinhalese people of the island, the word Sinha meaning lion. The ancient royal dynasty in the region was called Sinha. The lion on the Sri Lankan flag holds a sword called a kastane sword, together symbols of bravery.

The dark red of the lion’s background was incorporated to reflect the color of early Sri Lankan flags. The leaves in each corner of the crimson rectangle are Bo leaves, representing four essential Buddhist concepts: Mettha (kindness), Karuna (compassion), Muditha (joy), Upekkha (equanimity).

On the hoist side of the flag are narrow vertical stripes of green and orange, representing minorities in Sri Lanka. The green represents the Moors (and the religion of Islam) and the orange symbolizes Tamils.

National symbol(s): lion, water lily
National colors: maroon, yellow
National anthem:
Name: “Sri Lanka Matha” (Mother Sri Lanka)
Lyrics/Music: Ananda SAMARKONE

Fact about Sri Lanka flag

Country Sri Lanka
Designed by NA
Adopted 22. May 1972
Revision NA
Design and Colors Dark red rectangular panel bordered yellow containing a yellow lion holding a sword upright in its right fore paw, and four bo leaves, one in each corner, and next to the hoist two vertical stripes, green and orange, also bordered yellow together.
Size Ratio 1:2

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