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Google Map of Vila Franca De Xira

Vila Franca de Xira is a place known for animal husbandry and its entire culture revolves around it. The city has always given importance to living life on a larger scale than normal and towards that end contributed the sport of bull fighting, which ultimately has become the national identity of the passionate Spanish male.
But the passionate national identity has not stopped at just bullfighting but has moved into every facet of Spanish culture. So the contribution of Vila Franca de Xira in Spanish culture has been both unique and large.

Location of Vila Franca de Xira
The city is located in the area of Greater Lisbon in the region of Lisbon, Portugal. Vila Franca de Xira is on the co-ordinates of 38º57'N 8º59'W.

Reaching Vila Franca de Xira
Vila Franca de Xira is located on the west bank of the river Tagus and can be reached from the airport of Portela in Lisbon which is about 23kms away. It is surrounded by the four cities Santa Iria da Azóia, Turcifal, Montijo and City Samora Correia.

Sightseeing in Vila Franca de Xira
Vila Franca de Xira has many interesting things to see and among them are the three festivals organized in the city in May, July and October. These are:
  • The "Agrinxira" livestock and agricultural display held yearly in May.
  • The lively "Festival of the Red Waistcoat", known by the local name Colete Encardo with bullfights and cavalcades
  • The October Fair consists of an array of festivities, involving large-scale entertainments, bull running, bullfights, and other activities.

Accommodations at Vila Franca de Xira
Accommodations of Vila Franca de Xira are comparable to that of many cities much larger in size. Whether the travelers are looking for merely a place to rest their weary bones or desire to pamper themselves in luxury, all sorts of hotels are available to suit their needs.

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