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Google Map of Valongo

Valongo is very happening and active city located in Porto District, Portugal. The beautiful city is very popular among the tourist visiting the country and is considered to be the most attractive tourist destination in entire Europe. Tourist from all over the world visit Valongo throughout the year.
Valongo city is a Portuguese municipality with 5 parishes. The city population is nearly 16,698 and the population of the entire municipality including the parishes is nearly 85,814.

Parishes of Valongo
Valongo consists of the following parishes:
  • Alfena
  • Ermesinde
  • Sobrado
  • Suzao
  • Campo
Tourist Attractions near Valongo
The central location of the city is very is very convenient for the tourists. A lot of Porto tourist destinations can be accessed from the city of Valongo.
  • The Oporto Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist destinations situated in the Porto city. It is very easily accessible from the Valongo city.
  • Several Romanesque churches are situated within an easy reach of the Valongo.
  • A number of contemporary art museums are
Various accommodation options are available at the city. There are several star rating hotels as well as low priced hotels situated all over the city, providing quality services and facilities.

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