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Google Map of Torres Novas

Torres Novas is a Portuguese town that falls under the Santarem District. At a distance of about twenty five kilometers, towards the southwestern direction from Tomar, lies Torres Novas. The municipality of Torres Novas in Portugal consists of sixteen communes.

Attractions in Torres Novas:
There is an exhaustive list of interesting churches and chapels in Torres Novas. These would include; The Chapel of saint Ana, Church of Ours Lady of the Conceicao, Church of S. Peters, Church of Sebastio, Church of Ours Lady of Graca, Church of Salvador, Chapel of the Valley, Church of the Mercury, Church of Santiago, Chapel of the Convent of Santo Antonio and Church of Ours Lady of the Carmo.

Torres Novas also boasts of a number of good museums. These would include the Municipal Museum of New Towers, Agricultural Museum of Streams and Museum of Ethnografia and Industrial Arqueologia.

The Castle of New Towers is a very popular tourist spot in Torres Novas. This castle belongs to the medieval period and portrays a rectangular structure. The doorways of the castle is particularly very beautiful.

Other site that are a must visit in Torres Novas are Grottos of the Lapas, Memoraial House Humberto Delgado, Jurassico Park, Grotto of the Almonda and Mills of Pena.

Torres Novas is also known for the food festivals hosted in the place.

Accommodation in Torres Novas:
Praca 5 de Outubro 5 and Pousada Do Torras are two oft frequented hotels of Torres Novas. Other boarding options are also available.

Torres Novas town has a strong industrial base and the municipality spreads over an area of approximately two hundred and seventy kilometer square.

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