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Google Map of Silves

Silves is one of the most popular destinations in Portuguese Republic. The scenic beauty of Silves makes it a dream-come-true for all leisure travelers. It is mainly because of its tranquil location and spectacular landscape that vacationers holidaying in Portugal opt for Silves as their ultimate holiday solution.

Attractions in Silves
The main attraction of Silves lies in its picturesque backdrop. The sandy beaches of Silves take the tourists far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The lush greenery adds to its beauty. The coastal area of Silves is lined with carob and almond plants. The craggy mountains of Silves provide an ideal base for trekking and hiking.

Oaks, gorse, arbutus-berry and many other Mediterranean plants can be found in the fabulous beach destination.

Besides its natural beauty, the city of Silves also houses many other popular tourist sites. Alcantarilha and Sé Velha are popular for their historical importance. The Old Cathedral is an ideal example of gothic architectural style. The city walls remind the visitors of the city's glorious past. Armação de Pêra, Algoz and Pêra are some other popular attractions in the vicinity of Silves.

Accommodation in Silves
Hotel Colina dos Mouros, Capela das Artes and Garbe are the two popular hotels in Silves. All accommodation establishments in Silves offer state of the art room facilities and comprehensive list of hotel amenities and services.

With its innumerable attractions, Silves assure a truly unforgettable experience.

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