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Google Map of Santo Tirso

Santo Tirso is both a city and a municipality, which has created its fame by its textile mills and natural beauty. The little town of Santo Tirso, situated in idyllic forested area on the left hand side bank of the River
Ave (Rio Ave) around 25km northeast of Oporto, attracting numerous travelers who come to experience the beauty of the adjoining area. Various handicrafts, including pottery are the town's source of income.

Location of Santo Tirso
Santo Tirso is located at 41°20'N and 8°29'W and is located in the north of Porto Metropolitan Area, Porto District, Portugal, the Ave Valley region.

Reaching Santo Tirso
Santo Tirso is well connected with Porto through excellent smooth roadways and train connections to most of the surrounding cities.

Sightseeing in Santo Tirso
Santo Tirso is one of the many places in Porto or Oporto where apart from stunning natural beauty one can experience the cultural life of the country of Portugal through its religious and sporting traditions as expressed by the the Matriz Church of Santo Tirso and Futebol Clube Tirsense respectively.

Accommodations at Santo Tirso
The accommodations available in Santo Tirso are of varied types and suit all requirements of luxury within a budget. Star accommodations to budget hotels to bed and breakfast all are there to satisfy the visitors.

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