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Google Map of Portalegre

Portalegre is a Portuguese city as well as a municipality that is located on the eastern borders of the country. Portalegre in Portugal was founded in the thirteenth century, with the name having a Latin origin, that signifies, dry port. Portalegre city and the adjoining municipality can be found in the Portalegre District of Portugal.

Attractions in Portalegre:
A wide array of interesting sites and locales abound in and around Portalegre. Towards the northern part of Portalegre, there is the Castelo de Vide. The castle in Castelo de Vide, sits on top of the hill. The main source of livelihood of the local residents is agriculture. This place is visited by people in vast multitude, because of the much famed mineral springs.

The remnants of Medobriga, a Roman settlement can be located toward the northern part of Portalegre. Traveling in the southwestern direction from Portalegre, Alter do Chao can be encountered, which is known for its fountain, castle and buildings. The Museum of Casa de Jose Regio is stocked with religious artifacts, which was originally the home of Jose Regio, the reputed Portuguese poet.

Among a host of other places that can be visited from Portalegre, some are Marvao, The Municipal Museum, Convento de Sao Bernardo, Penha de Sao Tome, Pico Sao Mamede, Town Hall, Praca da Republica, Flor da Rosa, Convento de sao Bernardo and Palacio Amarelo.

Accommodation in Portalegre:
Monte Do Apostoles and Hotel D. Joan III are two of the well known hotels that can be good lodging options in Portalegre.

Portalegre is particularly known for its natural beauty and extraordinary views that can be caught from all corners of the place.

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