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Google Map of Oleiros

Oleiros is a municipality in Portugal, which is located in the district of Castelo Branco and composed of 12 parishes.

Attractions of Oleiros
Oleiros is a popular destinations of Portugal. Jardim Episcopal located near the palace of the Bishop is a destination famous for the architectural pattern. The modern museum of the place also homes the carved and inscribed Roman stones. Alpedrinha, São Vicente de Beira and Castelo Novo are the scenic mountain towns of the place.

Idanha-a-Velha is a village of Valenca, which commemorates its rich and varied historical background. The place is also popular as it is the birthplace of Visigoth King Wamba .

Accommodation in Oleiros
There are several boarding options available in Oleiros. The hotels of Oleiros are comfortable as well as equipped with all sort of amenities. These accommodation option includes Hotel Best Western Rainha D. Amélia Castelo Branco and Melia Confort Colina do Castelo

Best Time to Visit Oleiros
The best months to visit this place is either in the months of February to April or between September and October. During these months the place is in full bloom and the weather is glorious.

Oleiros is a beautiful destination of Portugal.

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