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Google Map of Miranda Do Douro

Miranda do Douro is a Portuguese city the occupies the extreme northeastern edge of the country. The municipality of Miranda do Douro in Portugal, consists of several parishes. Miranda do Douro is characterized by extreme climatic conditions.

Attractions in Miranda do Douro:
The greatest attraction in Miranda do Douro is the culture and traditions of the minority community inhabiting the town. This is also reflected in the particular type of dialect spoken in the local residents. Mirandese is the language that is used by the locals. Of late the language has been granted the status of an official language in those areas where it is extensively used.

There is an important Terra de Miranda Museum in Miranda do Douro. The museum has a huge collection of interesting artifacts. Mainly showcased at the museum is the way of life of the local people that include their traditional dresses, masks and the like.

The local cuisine of Miranda do Douro is food connoisseur's delight. The traditional delicacies are aptly accompanied by the local wine.

The Douro River that divides Miranda do Douro from Spain is also an important attraction.

Accommodation in Miranda do Douro:
Hotel Turismo De Mirande Do Douro and Residencial do Planalto Mirandes are two well hotels of Miranda do Douro. Other types of accommodations are also available.

The old town and new town area of Miranda do Douro provide good shopping facilities for the tourists.

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