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Google Map of Lamego

Lamengo is an ancient episcopal city of Portugal. It is a historical town where Cortes declared Afonso Henriques as the first king of Portugal.

Attractions of Lamengo
Lamego castle located at one the two hills of the city boasts of an Moorish vaulted cistern. Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios is a major center of pilgrimage. This Gothic patterned cathedral was built in 1129 by Afonso Henriques. The museum of the City inside the 18th-century bishops' palace houses the works by Grão Vasco. São Pedrode Balsemão, the oldest rustic church of Portugal was built by the Christian Visigoths. São João de Tarouca is the church built by the first Cistercian monastery. The painting of Grão Vasco in St Peter is restored as a national treasure.

Accommodation at Lamengo
There are several hotel in this city that provide comfortable boarding options to the tourists. Equipped with contemporary amenities these hotels cater unparalleled hospitality services.

Best Time to Visit Lamengo
The best time to visit the place is either in spring that is in February or in the months of October and November. During these months the weather of the city is at its best.

Lamengo is an important religious center of Portugal.

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