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Google Map of Entroncamento

Entroncamento is a very beautiful Portugal city situated in the Santarem District in Portugal. The city was established during the beginning of 20th century. There are several fascinating museums and beautiful parks located throughout the city.
The scenic beauty of the Entroncamento city has made it one of the popular tourist destinations in this region. Entroncamento is one of the Portugal city full of cultural activities including cultural events, fairs, festivals and all.

Tourist Attractions in Entroncamento
  • Sala-Museu Jenny Mendes de Brito and Museu Nacional Ferroviario are the two very famous museums and one of the major tourist attractions at the city of Entroncamento.
  • The Entroncamento nightlife is very active. There are several bars and discos scattered all across the city.
  • Canoeing and swimming are two major sports in Entroncamento. There are few parks where people can enjoy canoeing with their friends and families.
Event at Entroncamento
Entroncamento is full of events. Throughout the year several fairs and festivals take place. The fairs display remarkable local handcrafted products including potteries, whicker goods, fascinating flowers and all. Music and dancing are very important of all the Entroncamento festivals.

Food is an integral part of Entroncamento culture. Numerous restaurants are located in each and every corner of the this Portugal city. The restaurants serve authentic traditional Portuguese cuisines along with other international cuisines.

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