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Google Map of Braga

Braga City is another facade of rich cultural heritage that Portugal is famous for.
It is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. Its beauty is so overpowering that an analogy is often drawn between Rome and Braga city. The city is widely familiar as the Portuguese Rome across the globe. The people of Braga city are mostly conservative.

History of Braga City
Braga city of Portugal is located in the Minho province. The city has a unique collection of rich heritage. It is also called the religious hub of the city. The city had come into prominence for preserving ancient relics like barroque Churches, houses of 18th century and for many parks and gardens.

The city of Braga in recent times had flourished in all counts. Today's Braga is a bustling modern city with all the modern facilities and infrastructures. Educational facilities to business establishments all have come up here in large numbers.

Weather of Braga
The weather condition in the city of Braga is one of varied in nature. Every Month registers varied temperature. While the weather during the months of January and March generally remain chilly, the months of July and August are known for pleasant weather.

Transport of Braga
The city of Braga is connected by air, cars, bus and train. Buses in Braga city ply between various airports and the city proper. Portugal has many airports and buses, private cars, metro and trains are the key mode of transport here.

Braga is considered among one of the most spectacular region of the country of Portugal. Braga features several fascinating historical monuments and religious architecture, which makes it one of the frequently visited tourist destinations in the country. It is the third largest city of Portugal and is full of diversity and activity. Braga is considered as the religious as well as the commercial centres of Portugal.

Location of Braga
Braga is located on the north-western part of the country. The second largest city of Portugal, Porto is situated at a very close distance.

History of Braga
A Celtic tribe known as Bracari established the ancient town of Braga in 300 AC. During the Roman era in 27 AC, Braga was the administrative centre of the Romans. The city has been popular as a religious center from its early days of establishment.

Tourist Attractions in Braga
There are several historical monuments situated throughout the city.
  • The Bom Jesus Sanctuary is a neoclassical church with two towers. It is an unique work of art of European baroque.
  • Sameiro is another important church located in Braga. It was built during the late 19th century.
  • The main city square is known as Praca da Republica is a popular tourist spot as it blends the old architectural structures with the modern.
  • The gigantic palace of the former archbishop is another famous tourist attraction in Braga.

Braga is also a shopper's paradise. The shops are stuffed with fascinating handcrafted goods including clothes, jewelries, musical instruments and all.

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