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Google Map of Beja

Beja Portugal is the capital city of the province Baixo Alentejo of the Beja District. The history of the city dates back to the Roman era.
During the time of Julius Caesar it became the regional capital. Beja Portugal is a city full of historical aspects of the Romans and the Moors, which is reflected in the architectural feature of the city.

Location of Beja Portugal
Beja city is situated within the Beja District, which is located in the southern part of Portugal. Beja is placed at 39?30’ N latitudes and 8?00’ W longitudes. The entire district covers a land area of 10,277 sq km. The eastern part of the district is enclosed by Spain and the western part is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

History of Beja Portugal
Beja is an ancient city of the Romans. During the Roman era the city was known as Pax Julia. Later on Beja was taken over by the Moors who ruled the city for quite a long time. In 1162, after the fall of the Moor Empire the city was again conquered by the Portuguese lead by Afonso I, the Portuguese Emperor.

The basic goods produced in the city include cheese, olive oil, clothes, leather products and potteries. The industries of the city have developed around these products.

Among various other tourist sites, the beautiful citadel from the 14th century is considered to be one of the major tourist attractions in Beja Portugal.

Beja is a historical township in Portugal. The ancient structures of Beja remind the visitors of the city's glorious past. Besides its decades long tradition, Beja offers enough to explore. The attractions of Beja assure a truly majestic experience to all tourists holidaying in this city.

Attractions in Beja
The main attraction of Beja lies in its Moorish structures. The narrow lanes and old dwellings of Beja mark a sharp contrast with its modern urban center. The region of Beja offers many opportunities of sightseeing. The castle of Beja is considered among the architectural jewels of all time. Torre de Menagem and the giant entranceway leave the visitors in awe. Among the other popular attractions of Beja, Sé Cathedral and Rainha D. Leonor Regional Museum is worth viewing. The sightseeing trip to Pizões is a great experience in itself.

Accommodation in Beja
Beja is home to some of the top-class accommodation establishments in Portugal. The hotels in Beja are well known for superb hospitality and great-value accommodation. The room facilities at Beja hotels include all types of contemporary amenities. The hotel amenities and services are so extensive that they take care of the occasional whims of their guests. Hotel Vila Galé Clube de Campo and Pousada De S. Francisco Hotel, Beja are the two most popular lodging options in the region of Beja.

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