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Google Map of Barcelos

Barcelos is one of the popular towns in Portugal. Barcelos Portugal is a town which is known for household wares, pottery and other types of arte-facts.
The town is located on the bank of the river cavado. The main feature of this town is a weekly market, which is held on Thursday in every week and it's various interesting facts like Barcelos Rooster which symbolises the winning of justice over in justice.

Popular Tourist Attractions of Barcelos
Barcelos has a large number of popular tourist attractions. Some of the best known hot tourist spots are Areias de Vilar, Abade de Neiva, Archaeological Museum and many more.

Popular Hotels of Barcelos
Barcelos has a large number of hotels which are providing all sorts of facilities to the visitors. Some of the most reputed hotels in Barcelos are Novotel Porto Vermer, Alberqaria do Tercoand Mercure Povoa De Varzim.

Transport of Barcelos Portugal
There are various mode of transports in Barcelos. The town is well connected by bus, cars, metro and above all airways.

As far as private cars are concerned, these cars are available from the airports and travel to various cities. Buses ply between various airports and the towns.

Metro in Portugal starts from Porto. It runs between all the cities in Portugal. Barcelos being one of the cities also comes under its service.

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