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Google Map of Almeirim

Almeirim is a city of Portugal, which is situated beside river Tejo in the district of Santarém. There are 4 communes in this municipality of Almeirim
Attractions of Almeirim
Almeirim was once the favorite dwelling place of Avis, which is famous for abundance of games. Besides the normal rural houses the city also flaunts numerous mansions and large estates. Manor of the Quinta da Alorna was famous for wines and cattle breeding. The city is also famous for its gastronomical delights like Stone soup. Almeirim is famous because it is the home to best bullfights in Portugal.

Accommodation at Almeirim
There are various boarding houses, motels, hotels, apart hotels, bed & breakfast, self-catering apartments in Almeirim. These perfect options for boarding offers modern amenities and services and ensures a happy staying experience in Almeirim. Some accommodation options of the city are Pensa Vovo Principe and casa de Reponso de Sao Joao Baptists Lda and so on.

Best Time to Visit Almeirim
Almeirim boasts of a mild and temperate climate, so tourist can visit the place at any time of the year but the best time is in the months of spring or fall.

Almeirim is a famous tourist destination that offers beautiful sightseeing places.

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