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Google Map of Albufeira

Albufeira is a city in Portugal, which is known for its classic beaches but also has a unique nightlife of its own.
Every night club down the Montechoro area of Albufeira has a following of its own with loyalists swearing by the music and entertainment of their own choice in clubbing.

Location of Albufeira
Albufeira is located in the district of Faro in the Algarve region of Portugal, which has the co-ordinates 37º04'N 8º15'W. Reaching Albufeira
Albufeira can be easily reached by flight to the airport in Faro, then on by road it takes a beautiful 45 minutes ride to the city center. Although the best way to travel will ultimately be the travelers' choice yet private transfers and hired self driven vehicles are universally supposed to be the best form of transport.

Sightseeing in Albufeira
Albufeira is a city of fun in sun, sea and sand, and anyone getting bored with that can always fall back on the interesting and thriving cultural and social life of the city especially at night. The city comes alive after sun down to celebrate youth and its attendant emotions in the famous nightclubs. Some of the well-known ones are:
  • Cafe Del Mar,
  • Linekers,
  • La Bamba,
  • Mustang,
  • Matt's bar
  • Garage,
  • Reno's,
  • Erin's Isle and
  • Wild & Co.

Accommodations at Albufeira
Various types of hotels and other accommodations like hostels and bed and breakfasts are available to suit the pockets of all kinds of tourists. Whether looking for luxury accommodation or a place just to spend the night or day for that matter all options are available for the discerning travelers.

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