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Where is Nigeria

by Vishal Kumar

Nigeria, located in West Africa, was first inhabited many thousand years ago, and is now the most populous country in Africa, known for its rich culture.

Where is Nigeria


Location of Nigeria

Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria is situated in the Western part of Africa. Its coastal boundary is delimited by the Gulf of Guinea in the south and the land boundary is shared by Cameroon and Chad in the east, Niger in the north and Benin in the west. Abuja is Nigeria’s capital city and Lagos is its largest city. Nigeria covers a total area of 923,768 sq. km. making it the thirty second largest country of the world. It has a small coastline of 853 km in comparison to its total land boundary of 4047 km. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of the country is 4° to 14°N and 2° to 15°E respectively.

The climate of the country varies from equatorial in the south to arid in the north and tropical in the center. The topography of the country has valley, plateaus and hilly areas.

Economically Nigeria has one of the strongest economy in Africa, in 2014 it became the largest economy of Africa. The presence of the oil reserves in the country has contributed in its growing economy.

Culturally, Nigeria has played a major role in developing African music, Palm Wine music, Afrobeat etc. Nigeria has also produced many famous internationally recognized writers and poets such as Ken Saro, Jhon Pepper Clark, Helon Habila, Chris Abani, Wole Soyinka etc.

Facts About Nigeria

Country Name Nigeria
Continent Africa
Capital Abuja
Largest city Lagos
Area 923,768 km2 (356,667 sq mi) Water (%) 1.4
Population 174,507,539 (2013 Est.)
Lat Long 8.0000° N, 10.0000° E
Official Language English
Calling Code +234
Time Zone WAT (UTC+1) Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+1)
Airport 27 Airports in Nigeria
Neighbour countries Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Benin
Internet TLD .ng
Currency Nigerian naira


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