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Nigeria Weather

Nigeria weather primarily features a tropical kind of climate where most of the seasons are very humid and damp. There are two climatic seasons that Bprevail within Nigeria, namely the wet and the dry seasons. The weather of Nigeria is generally quite hot throughout the year, although there are variations in the climate in certain regions within the country. The southern part of Nigeria is relatively more humid and damp than the northern part of the country. In the southern areas of Nigeria the dry seasons begin from the month of November and lasts till the month of March. The northern regions are much drier in nature in comparison to the southern parts. The dry seasons begin from the month of October and last till the month of April. There are extreme weather conditions in the deserts of Sahara. It is scorching hot in the afternoons and freezing cold during the nighttime.

Nigeria weather is highly influenced by the south western winds and the north-eastern winds. The south-eastern winds are full of moisture and blusters from the Atlantic Ocean whereas the northern easterlies are dry and dirt-laden winds that primarily blow from the deserts of Sahara. The rainy seasons come into existence due to the movement of the ITCZ winds into the northern region of Nigeria. The south-west winds bring about rainfall in the extreme southern areas of Nigeria.

The average rainfall in the southern coastal linings of Nigeria is almost 4000 mm and on the other hand it is 500 mm in the north eastern side of Nigeria.

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