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Mozambique Population

Mozambique population in recent times has reached upto 16.9 million in total count.
Growth of Mozambique Population declined during the later years of the 1980's because of the effect of the civil war The scene changed soon and the population increased again after the signing of the peace treaty in 1992 and the consequent return of the refugees from aligning countries. Many refugees are said to have been moved aside internally. They were shifted to the provincial and district capitals.

By 1997, the large scale population movements deceased and the population was regained as before with almost uniform distribution throughout the country. In 2000, the organization of UNHCR declared that a new refugee center shall be made in the northern province of Nampula to give 1,500 refugees shelter. These people were mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

The index indicators of Mozambique's human development show the statistics as 0.352 in the year 2000. The rate has improved slowly but uniformly since 1994. Mozambique is one of the most wretched countries in the world more than 69.4% of the population living below the poverty line.

The most densely populated provinces of Mozambique are Zambezia in central part and Nampula in northern part, which covers about 40% of the Mozambique's population. In the southern Mozambique, inhabitants have densely clustered in and around the coastal belt. This is perhaps because the interior of Mozambique are dry and not fit for human settlements.

The Mozambique population is heavily infected by the HIV virus. Around 700 new patients of HIV infections are detected each day and by 2000, 11,300 people had died of AIDS. This however, has proved to be a constant threat to the total head counts of the land, which needs to be handled at the earliest to retain the country's population as it was previously.

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