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Mozambique Attractions

by Vishal Kumar

Attractions in Mozambique Xefina Pequena Inhaca Island Maputo Elephant Reserve Natural History Museum Museum of the Revolution Quelimane Cathedral Zalala Beach Fort Sao Sebastian Bilene Portuguese Island   Vilanculos Mozambique…

Attractions in Mozambique

Xefina Pequena Inhaca Island Maputo Elephant Reserve
Natural History Museum Museum of the Revolution Quelimane Cathedral
Zalala Beach Fort Sao Sebastian Bilene
Portuguese Island


Vilanculos Mozambique

Vilanculos Mozambique is said to be the romantic gateway to the splendid Bazaruto Archipelago.The town of Vilanculos provides its own majestic beaches along with a vibrant nightlife.Vilanculos is in fact a hustling village with a fresh produce market, shops and restaurants.In those restaurants one can gets the opportunity to eat the finest seafood dishes of Vilanculos.

Nestled on the Peninsula of San Sebastian, Vilanculos has a lot of things to offer to its tourists.The San Sebastian Peninsula harbors on the other hand, are the Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary where bird life merges perfectly with wildlife.Here the divers can come across manta rays, reef, dolphins, Zambezi sharks and a wide variety of sea fishes.

This small seaside town of Vilanculos is 700km north of Maputo and is highly flourishing in the tourism business.For a long time it has been preferred by the South African holiday makers.The transportation facilities offered to reach this place also deserve mention.There are several international flights into Vilanculos from Johannesburg and Harare.

Vilanculos Mozambique has few wonderful beaches, a vibrant night life and excellent boarding facilities.Presently it is a busy town with a charming atmosphere and friendly residents.There is also a great market that sells fresh foods.

Added to this, are the resorts of Vilanculos which provide diving, sea kayaking and fishing facilities and other diverse leisure activities to worldwide travelers.


Tofo Mozambique is situated in the eastern part of Inhambane and is considered to be one of the most-visited spots in Mozambique.Tofo provides vast uncrowded beaches, wonderful water surfing and excellent diving facilities.Besides this, there are many backpacker places including camping and dormitories, but the prices always keep changing.Added to this, there is an Internet cafe.

The exciting marine life is probably the main centre of attraction in Tofo Mozambique.Here one can find three major diving centers, which always maintain their price levels.If you are interested to see Manta Rays and plenty of other big fishes you should definitely visit this place.Snorkeling is a highly practiced leisure activity over here, mostly for the purpose of swimming with big Whale Sharks.

Storms and cyclones are very common in this area, so it is advisable to check weather before planning go there.

In Tofo, there are few Beach Cottages that have spread throughout the entire place and offer quality lodging services to the boarders.Some of the remarkable cottages are as follows:

  • Casa Gideon
  • Casa Christa
  • Casa Lene

Most of these above mentioned cottages are highly equipped and offering services to cater to the needs of the typical South African families.Though Tofo accommodates huge number of tourists throughout the year, yet winter is considered to be the perfect time for surfing here in Tofo.

While talking about Tofo, one should also mention about the Tofo Scuba that is said to be the longest operating dive charter in Mozambique.John and Nikki are the pioneers of this adventurous activity.

Benguerra Island

Benguerra Island is the second biggest in the Bazaruto Archipelago and is located in the southern part of Bazaruto Island.It also has high dunes, inland lakes and splendid sandy beaches.Here the tide fluctuates up to 10 metres.

Benguerra has around 164 species of birds, and the small forest situated nearby in the north point enchants travelers with their sounds of squirrels and monkeys.There is also a camp site very near to this place, but since it is not government sanctioned it is not advisable to stay there.

This Benguerra Island has a rich cultural life with dhows.If one is interested to see them sharing the catch on the splendid beaches he must wake up early.A Reef, that lies two miles east of Benguerra, provides the best reef diving in Mozambique with wonderful stag horn corals and tropical fishes ranging from moray eels and tiny clown fish to black-tipped reef sharks.

Since a long time Benguerra has been considered as a unique African island with warm waters of the Mozambique Channel.Originally Benguerra Island was named as “Santa Antonio” by the Portuguese explorers and afterwards was renamed as Benguerra.It is roughly 11km in length and 5,5km in width.

The island provides a wide variety of fauna and flora including savannah, dunes, natural forest and wetland eco-systems.Still now, it hosts a lot of freshwater crocodiles.

By availing plane one can very easily reach the Benguerra Island.There is also a Benguerra Lodge situated nearby that can be trusted upon for staying purposes.


Magaruque Island

Magaruque Island is a wonderful place where a person can have a nice time during his holidays.Magaruque Island is part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, which is included within the land of Mozambique.In the afternoon one can take a walk around this small island and can enjoy watching a huge number of pansy shells exposed by the low tide.The island comprises a deep channel running from the west shore and ensuring leisure and adventurous activities like excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

One can also get a glance of the dolphins passing within the meters of the beach.During the colonial time the island’s hotels were highly preferred, but currently they are not in much good conditions.In order to meet the needs of the tourists some other lodges are established on the Island in recent times.If you don’t have much time to devote to this island trip you can visit Benguerra and Vilanculo as they offer easy access to the mainland of Africa.

While talking about the Magaruque Island, mention must be made about the Archipelago since it comprises four main islands including Magaruque Island, Bazaruto Island, Benguerra Island and Santa Carolina Island.These unique islands are surrounded by vast sand dunes and freshwater lakes that are the home ground of the beautiful black-winged flamingoes.

Magaruque Island is closely situated beside the mainland and so no one has to face any big trouble to reach this majestic island.There are several hotels in this place where the visitors can stay in.

Those luxury lodges with superior facilities and services will no doubt satisfy the guests with there numerous boarding facilities.

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