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Malawi Fashion

Simplicity is the keyword of Malawi fashion. Clothing is generally very simply designed in Malawi. Chitenji is a very popular clothing of the Malawi women. This fabric is used as an apron by the women.

Ladies wear it in every auspicious occasion and this has been a traditional clothing of the women of Malawi. The "Madiba shirts" are also very popular with the Malawi people. This shirt was first introduced by President Mandela in South Africa.

In the African society, dresses usually signify the status of the individual. The Malawi fashion has always been subjected to constant change. With the emergence of new techniques and improvement in the supply of raw materials Malawi fashion has developed to a large extent. The dressing style in Malawi depends largely upon the occasion.

Malawi is a poor nation of Europe and thus expensive clothing cannot be afforded by the farmers of Malawi. In the rural villages of Malawi, weddings are mainly held in churches.

The groom usually wears Western designed suits. And to top it off, these suits are afforded by a few people in Malawi. The brides generally wear a typical wedding dress along with a veil.

The skirt and blouse dress is preferred by the women living in Malawi cities. Shirts, pants and shorts are the fashionable wears of the Malawi men.

Shoes are generally expensive in Malawi so the local people are mostly barefoot. In the large cities of Malawi, people cannot afford pricey shoes.

A significant part of Malawi's culture is its traditional dances and music. Explore more in this section.

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Last Updated on: July 20, 2020