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The Republic of Malawi was previously known as Nyasaland. Then gradually the name " Malawi" came from the word "Maravi". Maravi was a group of Bantu people from the southern region of Congo. Malawi, as an individual nation, was established in the year 1891.

Economy Of Malawi
Malawi is an underdeveloped country. The major part of its population is concentrated in the rural regions. So naturally the economy of the country entirely depends on the agricultural section. Tobacco, tea and sugar are the three major agricultural products that play a very important role in the export business.

Physical Map Of Malawi
On the face of Malawi the Great Rift Valley is drawn from the very north to the extreme south. In the trench of this long valley through out the country, lies the lake, Lake Malawi, which is ranked as the world's third largest. This lake is also popular by the name of Lake Nyasa. It covers a huge portion of the country. On the face of this beautiful country flows the river Zambezi. The Shire Highlands are also there in the southern region of the lake. The highest altitude of the country is clime by the peak Sapitwa of the famous Mount Mlanje ranges. It rises almost 3,002 meter above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is where the Shire River meets the border of Mozambique. It goes down up to 37 meters below the sea level.

Malawi Map
Some other crops that are produced in the country in huge quantity are maize or corn, beans, cassava, sugarcane, cotton, potatoes, sorghum, pulses, macadamia nuts, rice, groundnuts or peanuts and so on. Peanuts and some wooden things are also exported to the foreign countries. Though the major part of the revenue comes from the agricultural section, some minerals are also exported. The nations that are involved in this export business with Malawi are US, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, UK, and Mozambique.

Malawi Location Map
Location Map Of Malawi
Malawi is a democratic country, which is situated in the southern region of the African continent. Malawi is a landlocked nation.

The country shares its border with Zambia in the north-western region, Tanzania in the northern region, Mozambique in the eastern, southern and western regions.

Malawi Flag
Flag Of Malawi
A flag of a country is of great prestige and high importance. It is not only a symbol of its individuality but it also bears some unique symbols. The flag os Malawi contains three parallel blocks, which are horizontal in nature and also of same size. There are three colors in these three bands. In the middle there is red and the bottom contains green. The top band of the flag is black on which a red sun is drawn in the central position. Red is the color of bloodshed and vigor. Green stands for the symbol of agriculture.

Climate Of Malawi
When you are planning to visit a country you must gather some information about its weather and climactic conditions. The climatic nature of Malawi can not be termed as tropical, but it may be called subtropical. If you want to avoid the rain patched weather in Malawi, you must not visit the country during the months between November and April. On the other hand May to October the weather remains very pleasing. During the month of June, July and August the climate is warm and suitable for the tourists.

Flora And Fauna Of Malawi
Flora: A major part of the country Malawi is covered by forests. These forests also include grasslands, scrub and thicket. Bamboo and cedar are two hugely grown trees in Malawi. The mountainous regions are specially known for these plants. Confer trees can also be found in those areas. Some plants that grow in the lower regions are baobab, mopane, acacia, mahogany and so on.

Fauna : Similarly the animal kingdom is also very rich with various species of animals. Some of the species that are found largely are elephant, giraffe, buffalo and many other species. When you will visit the Lake Niassa region you will find some hippopotamuses and some unique species of antelopes such as tsessebe, duiker, hartebeest, bushbuck, kudu, wildebeest, etc. Some other common fauna that are found in huge number are wolf, zebra, baboon, hyena, lion, nocturnal cat, badger, monkey, warthog, porcupine and various other animals. You can also find some species of reptiles like crocodile, tortoise, turtle, chameleon, lizard, marsh terrapin etc. Various species of snakes are also found in this country.

People Of Malawi
Total population of the country is about 11,600,000. The country Malawi is a home for various ethnic groups and various tribes, races and castes. The major groups are Nyanja, Yao, Chewa, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Tumbuka, Ngoni, Asian, European, Ngonde and so on. Though English has been considered as the official language of the country, a major part of the Malawian population speaks the Chichewa language. Chichewa is the national language of Malawi.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Malawi
Art: Batik is a very popular art form in Malawi. The batik clothes are created by the help of wax. Among the other art forms there are hardwood carvings, soapstone carvings, basketwork, pottery, chief chairs, handicrafts and some other cottage industries.
Culture: Malawi has developed a very rich culture due to the presence of various ethnicities in the country. The Music Festival of Malawi, called "Lake of Stars Festival" is a very popular one in Malawi. It is held in the month of September.
Music : The Second World War influenced the music of Malawi very deeply. The soldiers from different countries carried their culture and tradition to the lands of Malawi. The musical instruments hat came during that period are guitar, banjo etc.