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Malawi Custom

The Malawian society and culture is a blend of various cultures due to the presence of many ethnic groups. The Malawians are mostly black Africans and the racial communities include Chewa, Nyanja, Yao, Lomwe, Tumbuka, Sena, Tonga and many more. The Malawi customs are also varied due to the presence of different religious sects. A number of Malawians are Christians and the other main religious sect is Muslims. Since, the country has different ethnic groups the languages spoken is also varied. English is the official and Chichewa is the national language of the country. The other languages that are extensively used by the Malawis are Chichewa Chinyanja, Chiyao Chitumbuka.

The Malawian Christians are the majority in this country. Since Christianity is the main religion of the country, churches are the main places of worship of the Malawians. There are several churches in the country that also serve as the place of marriage for the Malawian Christians. The Malawi groom usually wears western styles suits and the bride wears a typical wedding dress along with a white veil.
This is a very important Malawi custom that has been followed for many years. At Malawian ceremonial functions like weddings and also in funerals consumption of alcohol is a common Malawi custom.

Malawi is known as the "warm heart of Africa". This name has been given to the country for the friendliness of the Malawian people. Guests are like gods to them. Showing of hospitality to the guests is an essential Malawi custom.

Another most important Malawi custom is the practice of polygamy among the Malawian Christians. The tradition of keeping multiple mistresses and wives are a common Malawi culture.

Wearing "Chitenji" in occasions is an important Malawi tradition among the women. This fabric is used extensively by the Malawi women for making elaborate dresses.

A significant part of Malawi's culture is its traditional dances and music. Explore more in this section.

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