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Science and Technology in Malawi

Development in the sphere of science and technology is very essential for the overall economic progress of any country. The Department of Science and Technology in Malawi aims at making Malawi turn into a nation that is industrially developed with great advancements made in the filed of science and technology. Also, to ensure future stability such developments are aimed to be sustainable in nature.

Malawi today is a poor nation with very low productivity. As such, economic development through advancements in science and technology in Malawi would surely lead to the improvement in the standard of living of the people by increasing their purchasing power.

The goal of such technological advancement that is being aimed for in Malawi is to bring about an economic situation that would be characterized by the country changing from a importing to an exporting nation. For such a goal to be achieved emphasis on science, technology and innovation is essential.

Malawi in order to compete in the arena of the global economy needs to enhance its networks both regionally and internationally. Improvements in management of science and technology would lead the country to fare well in the global economy. For this exchange programs and knowledge sharing with other nations is necessary.

With such aims, there has been the setting up in Malawi of a number of engineering and medical institutions. Plans have also been made to set universities offering specialized courses in science and technology. This would lead to the creation of human resources as lack of human resources is a major problem that is being faced by the country today.

Primary education in Malawi is not mandatory, but the constitution necessitates that all people be allowed to get minimum five years of primary education.

Business & Economy

The economy of Malawi is agriculture-oriented, with approximately 85% of the population residing in countryside.