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Malawi Ministry of Education

Malawian government takes a good care of the education. The education system is taken care of by the Malawi Ministry of Education and human Resources. The Malawi Education Ministry has worked hard for the promotion of education but has often faced some problems regarding the areas of equality, access, quality and a few more. This problems have spread their wings in last six or ten years. The Malawi Ministry of Education has tried to cope up with the situation by promoting free primary education. This brought a good result for them. The number of students who enrolled their names for free education has increased. In fact, the figure rose from 1.9 million to 3.2 million in one academic year. But this rise has caused a few problems as well. The quality of teachers is a section where they had to compromise because of the shortage of quality teachers. The school inspection, inadequate classrooms are some of the other problems. But the Malawi Ministry of Education is now taking positive steps to come out of these problems and is partly successful as well.

The target of the Malawi Ministry of Education is very clear. They want to reach to that stage of educational development where all the citizens of the country are functionally literate.
Their efforts are now bringing good results as the number of educated children and women in Malawi has increased. The education related to the technical training is also given a lot more professional touch. It is categorized as the post secondary non university studies. Such developments in education provided by the Malawi Ministry of Education helps the citizens to learn more and ensure a better future for them.


Primary education in Malawi is not mandatory, but the constitution necessitates that all people be allowed to get minimum five years of primary education.

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The economy of Malawi is agriculture-oriented, with approximately 85% of the population residing in countryside.