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Diekirch is located in the land of Luxembourg with the latitude and the longitude measuring 49° 52' 4 N and 6° 9' 21 E, respectively. The altitude, at which the city of Diekirch at Luxembourg is located, is six hundred and ninety two meters above the sea level.

Diekirch is well accessible from the nearest cities and towns of Erpeldange-sur-Sure, Koeppenhaff, Tomm, Ferme Grossenbour, Gilsdorf, Broderbour, Stegen and Ingeldorf. There are a number of airports, which offer regular flight services to and from Diekirch, namely, Luxembourg, Bitburg, Trier Fohren and Spangdahlem.

Diekirch in Luxembourg is the starting point of the evolution of the tourism in the land of Luxembourg. Diekirch is a well flourished tourism center in the country. Diekirch of Luxembourg is also famous as a tourist destination because of its geographical location. Diekirch is in close proximity with the capital city and is placed between the Good Land and the Oesling wilderness.

Some of the major attractions include the old church, which was built on the Roman foundations, Roman fountains, mosaics, its notable houses and its lanes, the Battle of the Bulge Museum, its folklore and sporting events, a municipal museum, the monuments and the Old Diekirch quarter.

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