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Libya Map Africa

by Vishal Kumar

The printable map of Libya uses different symbols to showcase the country's national capital, Baladiyat capitals and other important cities. The red star on the online political map of Libya represents the national capital of the country while the green squares represent Baladiyat capitals. The violet lines mark the Baladiyat boundaries while the black bold line demarcates the international boundary of the country.

Libya Map Africa

Libya political map showcases the country’s Baladiyat boundaries and their capitals. The country shares its borders with Niger, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia. The map of Libya shows northern part of the country bordering Mediterranean Sea. The geographical coordinates of the country are 25° North latitude and 17° East longitude. Tripoli is the capital of the country situated at an altitude of 6 meters above sea level.

National Capital of Libya

Tripoli is the national capital of Libya and can be easily pointed on the political map of Libya. The red star on the Libya map denotes the capital city. The geographical coordinates of the city are 32° 53′ 33” North latitude and 13° 10′ 48” East longitude. The city is situated 6 meters above sea level. The city can be easily accessed through three civilian airports, which are:

  • Mitiga Airport
  • Tripoli International Airport
  • Sidi Salih Airport

Baladiyat Boundaries and Capitals

The Baladiyat boundaries are distinctly marked with violet lines as shown on the online political map of Libya. The capitals of the Baladiyats are marked with green squares on the map of Libya for the convenience of web browsers. Some of the Baladiyat capitals are listed below:

  • Zuwarah
  • Al khums
  • Misratah
  • Bani Walio
  • Al Marj
  • Tobruk
  • Banghazi
  • Surt
  • Ajdabiya
  • Waddan
  • Ghadamis
  • Birak
  • Sabha
  • Murzuq
  • Awban
  • Al Jawf

Geographical Coordinates of Libya

The geographical coordinates of Libya are 25° North latitude and 17° East longitude. The country is located in northern part of Africa bordering Mediterranean Sea, Egypt and Tunisia. The total land area covered is 1,759,540 square kilometers. 1,770 kilometers make up the coastline of the country. The highest point of the country is at Bikku Bitti situated at an altitude of 2,267 meters from sea level while the lowest point is at Sabkhat Ghuzayyil at -47 meters below sea level.

District Population Capital
Al Butnan 159,536 Tobruk
Al Jabal al Akhdar 203,156 Al Bayda
Al Jabal al Gharbi 304,159 Gharyan
Al Jifarah 453,198 Aziziyah
Al Jufrah 52,342 Hun
Al Kufrah 50,104 Al Kufrah
Al Marj 185,848 Al Marj
Al Marqab 432,202 Al Khums
Al Wahat 177,047 Ajdabiya
An Nuqat al Khams 287,662 Zuwarah
Az Zawiyah 290,993 Az Zawiyah
Benghazi 670,797 Benghazi
Darnah 163,351 Darnah
Ghat 23,518 Ghat
Misratah 550,938 Misratah
Murzuq 78,621 Murzuq
Nalut 93,224 Nalut
Sabha 212,694 Sabha
Surt 193,720 Surt
Tripoli 1,065,405 Tripoli
Wadi al Hayat 76,858 Awbari
Wadi ash Shati’ 78,532 Adiri
22 districts 5,673,031


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