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Estonia Latvia

Estonia Latvia relations are resolved by the understanding of a common past in the Baltic region. The two Baltic countries share a warm and cooperative international relation as the objective of both countries look forward to internal development and growth. Tourism, cultural exchange, education, transport, economy, national security are the main objectives behind Estonia Latvia Diplomatic relations. Maintaining the good political vibes between the two Baltic countries is not a difficult one because of the natural cordiality owing to the common legacy of the past.

Estonia Latvia Trade Relations Latvia and Estonia trade in several objects of utility. Among the import goods of Latvia from Estonia chemical goods accessories, Base metal goods, vehicles, an electrical goods are the most significant. The Export goods to Estonia vary from wood products, raw wood, electrical items and conveyance particulars. The trade investment between the two countries is fast growing and estimated to grow more than 1 billion EUR by the end of this year. Estonia Latvia Cultural & Educational Relation The cultural similarity between Latvia and Estonia has triggered off a commendable bonding in ares of cinema making, music production and literature growth.
Students of Estonia and Latvia are known to pursue higher studies across the border thanks to the formal agreement among University of Tartu, Riga Stradins University, Latvian Academy of Culture, the Vidzeme University College, the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy and the Latvian Academy of Fine Arts.

Estonia Latvia relation is one of the best among European nations, a genuine, Mutually beneficial international relation that has ensured border security.

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History and Culture

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