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Latvia History

Latvia History includes the chronology of the 800th birthday of Riga, the land reform movements in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the independence of Latvia and the swearing in of Vaira Vike-Freibergaas.

The year 1190 in Latvia History saw the advent of Christianity on Latvia for the first time. Despite the efforts of the missionaries to convert the Latvians, the latter were able to manage to avoid the peril that lay ahead. Later with the German invasion, Christianity became a predominant religion.

1201 A.D. The Germans under the leadership of Bishop Albert von Buxhoevden of Bremen, conquered Latvia. The capital city of Riga was established and became the harbor for further German conquests. The German domination continued for 700 years.

In 1561, southern Latvia is invaded by Poland and Catholicism gains its foothold in the country.

In 1629, some part of Latvia, which also included Riga was conquered by Sweden. Sweden played a great role in bringing about social reforms. It is therefore that the Latvians referred to this era as the good Swedish times. Riga eventually became the mot powerful kingdom in this era.

Latvia History saw the abolition of serfdom in Latvia in 1860..

In 1920, after being ruled by Germany, Sweden and the Russia for an extensive period, Latvia wins independence. The land reform movements in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stripped the Baltic German nobles of their lands. These lands were then equally distributed among the poor peasants of the three countries.

In the later half of 1941 the Nazi Germany occupied Latvia and plundered the Jewish community in Riga and other important places in Latvia

August 1991 gained its first hope of independence after the Kremlin administration collapsed.

1999 was a date worth remembering in Latvia History, when the country saw the swearing in of Vaira Vike-Freibergaas, as the first woman president.

2001 celebrates the 800th birthday of Riga

On March 29 in the year 2004, Latvia joins the NATO.

Latvia History saw the country joining the European Union on may 1st, 2004.

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