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Tokelau Flag

Flag of Tokelau

Since Tokelau is a non-autonomous province of New Zealand, it uses the official ensign of New Zealand as its flag.
Nevertheless, the General Fono, or the regional parliament, acknowledged a characteristic ensign and official coat of arms for Tokelau in May 2008. This ensign still has not been broadly implemented by the government. However, a formal introduction of the new ensign was scheduled for October 2009. On September 7, 2009, the Governor General granted the ensign to the head of the Government of Tokelau (Ulu-o-Tokelau) as the first authorized ensign.

The flag of Tokelau portrays a Tokelauan boat navigating in the direction of the Southern Cross or manu. This canoe represents the territory's sojourn on the road to getting the most effective administrative system for the inhabitants. The Southern Cross is a sign of a direction-finding tool for the voyage. It assisted the fishers of the region to sail the waters close to the territory for hundreds of years as they depended on angling to maintain households and rural communities with its wealth.

The white stars represent the Christian faith, an integral segment of the daily existence in the region. The white color also stands for the collaboration and harmony in the islands and a common ambition of living a more respectable life for the inhabitants. Yellow symbolizes a contented, law-abiding society. The blue color represents the ocean since the residents rely on it for their bread and butter. Blue is the shade of the sky as well, which contains the stars that work as guides to the inhabitants.

In 2006, a popular vote on self-governance was unsuccessful to persuade. Though it was backed, it did not have the essential qualified majority, and one more foundered by 16 votes in October 2007.

1989 Recommendation
A substitute and unauthorized ensign was planned and suggested in Tokelau. The ensign featured three stars, which symbolized the three islands which comprise the archipelago of Tokelau.

2007 Suggestion
General Fono or the local legislative body made a resolution about the prospective ensign, national song, and emblem of the territory in June 2007. The suggested banner portrayed an artistic boat of Polynesia and four stars, which symbolize the three principal atolls as well as Swains Island, governed by the United States but asserted by Tokelau as its territory. Since the necessary qualified majority was not attained through a popular vote for autonomy in 2007, the ensign was not formally approved.

2008 Final Recommendation
The General Fono, accepted the ultimate editions of the country insignias of Tokelau in May 2008. The ensign layout accepted was on the ground of the suggestion made in 2007 with negligible modifications to the setting of the stars. Instead of a symbol of the physical depiction of the archipelago, the Southern Cross is applied. A coat of arms was adopted during this period as well.

National symbol(s):tuluma (fishing tackle box)

National colors: blue, yellow, white

National anthem:
name: "Te Atua" (For the Almighty)
lyrics/music: unknown/Falani KALOLO

Adopted On September 7, 2009
Name Flag of Tokelau, Tokelau Flag, Official Flag of Tokelau
Stands for The white stars signify the Christian faith, harmony, and collaboration. Yellow stands for a contented, law-abiding society. The blue color represents the ocean and the sky.
Proportion 1:2
Colors Yellow, blue, and white.

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017