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Saudi Arabia

Full nameKingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Capital CityRiyadh.
LanguageArabic and English.
CurrencySaudi Arabian Riyal.
National Anthem"Aash Al Maleek" meaning 'Long live the King'.
NewspaperAin-Al-Yaqeen, Al-Aalam al-Islami, Al Hijaz, Arab News, Naseej News and Saudi Gazette.
Places to VisitMecca, Riyadh, Habalah, Madain Saleh and National Museum.
TransportAirways: flights are available from America and all over Europe;
Roadways: buses ply between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Syria, Egypt and Turkey;
Waterways: car-ferries links the city of Jeddah to Suez.
Shoppingantiques; incense and incense burners; jewelry; bronze wares; brass wares; decorated daggers and swords; brass-bonded chests; and electronic goods.
Once inhabited by the belligerent Arab Bedouin nomads, Saudi Arabia was finally conquered and united under the leadership of King Abd al-Aziz Al Sau. This kingdom's ticket to prosperity came with the discovery of its oil reserves in the year 1937.
Political Map of Saudi Arabia
The home of Islam, Saudi Arabia also houses Islam's two most religious cities of Mecca and Medina.

Location of Saudi Arabia
Located in the southwest region in the Asian continent called the Middle East, it sits atop the Arabian Peninsula. The Tropic of Cancer splits the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in two halves. The political neighbors of the country are Qatar to the east; Oman, United Arab Emirates and Yemen to the southeast; Jordan to the north; and Iraq and Kuwait to the northeast. The two water bodies around the country are Red Sea lining almost all of the western border and Persian Gulf to the east.

Saudi Arabia Physical Map
Physical Map of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the largest land area in the Middle East. However, most of it covered by an unproductive and arid desert. The country is also the seat of the largest sand-mass in the world: the An-Nafud Desert. The other major desert is the the Rub' Al Khali Desert. There are mountains also in the country that lie parallel to the Red Sea in the west. The lowlwnds in the country are located close to the Persian Gulf Perennial water bodies are absent in the country.

Climate of Saudi Arabia : The characteristic climatic condition of the Saudi Arabia is blistering heat and aridity. The country receives very little, and sometimes also no rainfall through the year. The winter months in the country that last between December and February effect only the coastal regions, making them somewhat cooler.

Flora : The landscape being predominately arid desert and the soil saline, the prevalent type of vegetation is that of date palms, mangroves, tamarisks, and acacias.

Fauna : When you think of Saudi Arabia, the first animal that comes to the mind is the camel. However, there are other types of animals in the country too. The fauna in the Saudi Arabian kingdom comprise mainly of monkey, oryx, lynx, jerboa, wildcat, fox, jackal and panther. Avian fauna of the country consists of birds like hawks and bustards. Aside of these, fishes off the coast, scorpions, lizards and snakes are found in abundance.

Arts, Culture and Music of Saudi Arabia
  1. Art : Traditional art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises of hand embroidering clothes; jewellery in gold and silver; and rug-making in Bedouin style.

  2. Culture : The two basic traits that completely dominate the entire culture of Saudi Arabia is its religion, Islam and its Bedouin past. The laws of the land, the practices and habits all stem from these two roots. In fact almost all of it is encoded by the religion.

  3. Music : the music of the Saudi Arabia is Bedouin in origin. Folk varieties accompany dances like the national dance called the "Al Ardha", which is a sword dance. Another type of folk music is the "Al-Sihba". The chief musical instruments are the "Al-Mizmar"and drum.

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Saudi Arabia Flag
Saudi Arabia Flag
The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a tribute to the Wahabi Muslim order. The rectangular flag comprises of only two colors: green amd white. The entire flag is dominated by the color green, which is held to be the Prophet Muhammad's favorite color. The color white appears in the "Shahada"script - a profession of the belief in islam - on the flag and also the long sword beneath it. The Shahada proclaims in Arabic 'There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God'. The sword withn its handle to the right and the point to the left is representative of Abd-al-Aziz.

Economy of Saudi Arabia
The entire economy of the country of Saudi Arabia is single-handedly supported by its oil reserve. It is the one abundant natural resource of the country that also doubles up as the chief export commodity and stimulates the industrial sector of the country. The other natural resources apart from petroluem and natural gas are iron-ore, copper and gold. The industrial sector too aside of processing petroleum, also makes petrochemicals and cement. Agricultural products of the country are dates, tomatoes, barley, melons and wheat.